Back Porch Gardener

Ok, I hate to miss out on an opportunity to brag about things, and I have been seeing people posting on FB and other blogs about their blooming hydrangeas. Well, now its my turn! First of all, I don’t even like walmart, but the walmart near my apartment has a garden center and the flower section in the parking lot that is literally the same size as the store. WHICH IS AWESOME. The best part, all the plants were healthy and watered and CHEAP! I got my hydrangea plant for $14, my hanging plant for $10 and my herb mixed bucket for $5. So, what, like $30 for all my plants and as soon as the herbs get to the point I can use them, I will be saving so much money on buying all that stuff!  I thought for the cheap price that the plants wouldn’t last that long, or that i would never be able to get the herbs to sprout, but so far they have all been doing great, between the rain, my watering them and the sunlight they get on my little porch

I still can’t even get over how gorgeous this $14 plant is! I love hydrangeas, I think they are like one of my favorite plants ever, they are just so luscious and vibrant! And I like the science behind it, so if next year I want a different color I can just change the acidity of the soil, its like getting a new plant every year. Also, side note about the pot they are in. I found that at this weird little gardening store at home. I had never even noticed it was there, and its next to this weird little chines place and ALL they sell is flower pots and they have SO many different ones. I loved this little clay pot, the design on it was awesome and I think I got it for like $20 because when I got it they were buy on get one half off and my mom bought one as well. But I still would have totally paid $40 for it.

I like this little hanging plant because it makes my apartment look bright and cheery from the outside, although I can’t compete with this lady on the first floor who must be growing a jungle on her balcony. I don’t have space, patience, or money for all that nonsense so my hanging plant and hydrangea will have to do! Additionally, I have my little herb sprouts, which I am anxiously awaiting the day I can use them to cook with! They aren’t as exciting to look at but, here they are!
It doesn’t look like much now, but this little bucket was about $5 and it has six different herbs inside it (basil, parsley, thyme, cilantro, flat leaf parsley, and one other I can’t remember) So, that should pretty much cover my cooking needs for the most part. Hopefully I don’t kill them because they will be an awesome money saver in the future, and much more delicious in my meals that store bought dried herbs.

Hopefully I can keep up my streak of luck with my green thumb and keep these plants alive through the season!


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