A little facelift

No room deserves to be drab, no matter what it is. In college for SOME reason, I decided I wanted my bathroom to be all black and white. Well, now I am OVER it and the black decor doesn’t go with the other rustic looking items I have in my bathroom. So, you can imagine my excitement when my friend sent me a housewarming gift in the mail. It was one of those perfect gifts, in the form of plastic, that was designated to be used at a Target. Just what I needed to bring a punch of color and some more spice to my bathroom! So thats exactly what I did!!!

his was my boring black shower curtain, Sorry this picture is so bad. I didn’t look at it and then I took the curtain down and hung the new one… and now here we are. BUT since it looks so bad in the picture, it makes the new curtain look a bajillion times better. Plus, when you aren’t allowed to paint the walls, you need SOME kind of color, so thanks to my good friend Michelle, I was able to get this fun and cheery shower curtain only paying about $2 out of pocket, because Target is awesome!
It literally blows my mind how something as simple as switching out the curtain can change the look of the whole room. I guess now I need to get rid of my black and white rug, but it will do for now. I think I will want something that looks a little more natural like this bamboo rug from World Market 

I think it would look great and then I can upgrade all my bathroom accessories from the black things I have now to something that will be more fitting of the decor, like a mason jar soap dispenser and some kind of rustic looking tooth brush holder and hand towel holder. And then that room will be complete. More updates as these things develop (aka as I get money to buy more things)


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