Top notch top knots

My life goal… at least for my hair is to figure out how to create the perfect top knot for my personal style. I have figured out how to get one that looks really good but for some reason it looks super formal so it doesn’t pair well with my daily wardrobe choices of shirts and cardigans or simple sun dresses…. so the hunt continues! However,  I do love a good top knot. Have no idea what I am talking about? Let me show you!

So the basic gist of the top not is to create the sloppiest mound of hair on top of your head and be able to pull it off as chic and sophisticated. Let me just tell you my first attempts at this little hair-do were less than stylish and most certainly laughable. I am only sorry I did not capture it on film to share with you here, because I know you could all probably use a little Thursday pick me up, although I am still reeling form my weekend which in my new job occurs on Tuesday and Wednesday… which is really cutting into my weekend cooking and crafting and exploring, but such is life, soon I will no longer be the low man on the totem pole and I will return to the schedule of a normal person in the corporate world. Ok, so that was a look at some different top nots, but I have some more for you that I am looking in to trying soon!

ok I am definitely a big fan of this one! I love braids and I love buns so the combination of the two is really just perfect. I have been wanting to do this as hair for a like 3 different dance I have done, but something always goes awry…. but one day I will make it happen. I just love how elegant it looks, and for some reason the braid makes it look less sloppy…. even though its really just the same, love it!

Also, I love this one. Why? because it looks like the easiest thing EVER to do to your hair so I probably won’t mess it up and the braid gives it some texture and makes it look more complex and interesting… AND you don’t have to spend all that time teasing your hair like you do with regular top knots… you see where I am going with this right? Simplicity is key when I am trying to get ready and my brain is not working.

This top knot is more for the minimalist. In my mind this is for running errands in gym shorts and a t-shirt or a day at the pool or lake… not for looking stylish and posh. OR it could be for you if you are anti bun, but I am most certainly NOT. My inner dancer loves a bun and I love even MORE that buns are now considered to be some high fashion solution to the drabness of a pony tail. Its like a dancers dream come true.

I REALLY like this one. its pretty similar to the one I tried as far as the end result, but getting there seems to be a completely different process. Mine was just a high sloppy pony tail teased like crazy, wrapped like a regular bun, but very loose, and pinned in place. So this one has a little bit more texture and some other things going on. I am thinking, but don’t quote me on this, that some combination of the two would look pretty awesome, again something I will have to play with.

OK for real, this look so good on her, but if I did this, with this outfit someone would ask me why I chose not to wash my hair and still put on such a cute outfit. So I don’t think I will be trying this one out but if you can pull this look off, I thought I would give it to you as another top knot option.

Finally I like this last one because it reminds me of that women’s rights “We can do it” poster that you always see!

its like the modern version of that vintage look! I think thats why I love it. If you don’t see it, let me help you out!
See!!!!!! So now you can get in touch with your inner woman strength AND look posh at the same time. So get to it, do some teasing and braiding and knot that hair up and you too can be stylish, chick, and sophisticated. There is a top knot for every look and style. Best of luck to you in your stylish endeavors.

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