Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I have decided I am now obsessed with mirrors. Mirror glass, framed mirrors, circular mirrors, square mirrors, ALL MIRRORS! So remember how I told you about my little toilet paper roll craft that I had hanging over my sofa? …this little gem:

So, all was fine and good for like 3 or 4 days and then I realized that my obsession with hot glue does not a good wall decor make. Soooo, needless to say I returned home from work one day to find mirror on the floor and remnants of toilet paper rolls swinging from the nails in the wall. At that point I decided I was over that little craft project and then decided I was going to see what I could do with the mirrors that I had used for the aforementioned project. TADAAAAA, here is what I found, its like the best thing ever, well in my opinion, I don’t really care what you think because I am the one who will be looking at it and enjoying the luxury it will bring to my den. So, here are some ideas I found on Pinterest for this little mirror collage, and when I am able to collect an obscene amount of mirrors and old frames, I will post and let you know how this turned out for me! But anyway, here are some ideas I found for some pinspiration!

I like and DONT like at the same time how these are all the same color and the same color as the wall, but I also like ones that have different color and textures of frames because I gives you lots to look at, like this arrangement of mirrors!
I think there is just so much to look at with this, and there are not a ton of different colors, they are all very similar, but I think it just adds a little something extra to have the different thinks, and I love how some of them are in matted picture frames AND how they are layered on top of each other to give that awesome depth!

Another option would be unframed mirrors, like the one shown below, So then you could play with shapes and wouldn’t have to worry about either painting frames or finding matching frames, which might makes things a little more simple, who knows.
 I also like this one with the different heights, etc and the shelves on the wall, but I don’t think I can hang shelves on my wall so that is unfortunate. But, nonetheless, I think it looks really awesome, so I will share it for people who are interested in maybe doing something like this and they CAN hang  a shelf on their wall.

Additionally, I like just a random assortment of mirrors and frames in no particular pattern or organization, which I am thinking will look best with the current decor of my apartment. So, something similar to the ones below:  Needless to say I have a lot of inspiration to pull from and I might make another trek to the flea market or something on Saturdday morning and see if I can find some old frames, etc. We shall see. It also depends on the fundage because it IIIIS the end of the month and bills are due so it might be a while before you see my rendition of some sort of mirror collage on here. Wish me luck as I go on the hunt for the mirrors and frames!

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