Hodge Podge and Honey French Toast Bites

The evolution of this meal was rather annoying from a personal stand point. Typically when I make something I spend some time finding a good recipe in one of my recipe books or online somewhere. Then I write down all the ingredients I need, check the cupboards for what I have and don’t have then take to the isles of my local grocery store and get to work (you know, like any other human being) Well, when I set out to make this french toast it was in attempts to find a solution to a problem I had created for myself. First of all, in order to understand the problem, you need to understand some things about my preferences regarding milk. First of all, I buy organic milk. Not because I am so kind of psycho health freak, or anti chemical additives spokesperson, BUT because the shelf life of organic milk is much longer making it much more cost efficient for me, as a single person, who does not drink milk EVERY day. However I do enjoy a nice bowl of cereal every once in a while. Well the other day when I went to the store I was picking my organic milk with the date furthest in the future and I drink skim milk (because I am not a big fan of the thickness of other percentages and certainly not whole milk, for personal preference) Well, thanks to my local grocer who put a whole milk in the back of the row with the skim milk and my personal desire to find one with the latest date AND my rushing to get out of the store, I have found myself with a half gallon of whole milk on my hands and no desire to drink it AT all. SO, on top of my milk drama, I had some left over kaiser rolls from when David and I ate hamburgers a week or so ago, and some eggs I needed to use before they went bad, and additionally some left over confectioners sugar from when I made cookies for the steeple chase.

In my new life of providing for my self I have tried to adapt a waste not want not mentality in regards to the food I want only going to the grocery store to buy things if I absolutely must, other wise cooking with what I have in the apartment. Well… thats exactly what i did with this french toast. I looked up the SIMPLEST recipe I could find and took the the stove to rid myself of the whole milk and a variety of other kitchen items I had that might be rapidly approaching their final days of shelf life anyways. So, I made this delicious “french toast” for breakfast to alleviate my shelf space and make sure I wasn’t wasting things. It started out as whole pieces but clearly kaiser rolls were meant for burgers not for french toast making, so they kind of crumbled up in the process, but they actually tasted really good, so I thought I would share it with you so you could try it for yourself AND so I could toot my own horn for being practical and proactive. Im sure you’re tired of this back story, here is how I made the fresh toast!

First I took the kaiser rolls and transformed them into a form that would be more willing to accept the egg mixture I was wanting to soak them in. I did this by cutting off the top and the bottom crust from each roll, as pictured below:

In a separate bowl I mixed together 1 egg, 2 egg whites, 1/4 cup of milk, 1 tsp of vanilla extract and I didn’t have cinnamon but it called for a dash of cinnamon in my recipe so have at it, if you like! Then disk all this together to make it fluffy and frothy, it should look like this:

Then I coated each piece of the roll in the mixture, this is when things started to crumble, so thats why I am teaching you how to make these french toast crumbles! But if you have better luck or are more gentle than me, then you should be good to go! After you have coated the pieces, place them in a skillet with a little bit of butter to brown on each side (about 2 minutes).

After cooking, I buttered the pieces and served with powdered sugar and one more substitution: honey instead of syrup because I had no syrup.
For all the substitutions and last minute planning, this turned out to be a pretty legit meal. I was rather proud of myself and it was a great reward on my day off, especially since I didn’t have to buy anything extra to make it! Happy cooking!


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