An Ink-redible solution

If you have kids, or you are clumsy, or sometimes find yourself with a little ink blot on your shirt after a long day at the office… LISTEN UP, I am about to ROCK. YOUR. WORLD. Back story: The other day I was out shopping with David and we walked into a store and the clerk said “Ma’am do you work at a day care?” and my initial thought was ummm no I do not, do I look like someone who works at a day care where your children go…. or do I just look like I love kids??? I didn’t get it. THen it was pointed out to me that I had a HUGE ink stain on my shirt and the clerk had assumed that a child had written all over my side. Clearly knowing nothing about me, he thought I just came to the store looking like a slob kebab. But, if I had known it was there I would have most certainly changed clothes before going in the public. The kicker? It was not ON my shirt before i left the house… so how did it get there? PS… let me show you what we are dealing with… We aren’t just talking about a line on the side of my shirt. I looked like an ink blot test on my side…
I mean, come on, how did this happen??? The culprit? My beloved Longchamp bag. With its tattered corners and a pen that had lost its cap inside my purse. Some how these two things managed to find each other and reek havoc on my wardrobe, poking out the side and writing all over my shirt as we walked through the mall. EMBARRASSING. Well, we were already out so the only option at this point was to deal with it. When I got home I took to the internet to find a solution to this problem. BY the way, as if it wasn’t bad enough that this happened. The ink bled through my cardigan and on to the white shirt I had on underneath, and it looked just as bad.
At this point I was out two articles of clothing and was determined to find a solution to regain control over my wardrobe. So, a little message board tipped me off to using hairspray to remove the stain. A mother had posted about how her kids scribbled all over their beige couch and she used hair spray to remove the ink and it looked good as new. I reluctantly decided to try it, keeping in mind that if worst came to worst I could always dye the clothes black and if that didn’t work then they were completely ruined and I could just throw them away. EITHER way I was not going down with out a fight… but what do you know?!?! The old hairspray trick worked!!!! Its probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard and if I didn’t see it with my own eyes I surely would not believe, but here is the proof in pictures. you have already seen what my shirts looked like before so let me walk you through the process.

I used this cheap hairspray at the grocery store and graciously covered the area where the ink was and let it work its magic for a minute or so. Then I used a lightly dampened rag to wipe the ink out of the shirt.
After application of the hairspray and a moderate amount of elbow grease ( I did the process a few times) I was able to achieve the following results
this was the white under shirt, it still had a little blue on it, but I wasn’t ready to give up yet.
and this was the pink sweater, I had a little less hope for this one, but just wait… things are about to get ridiculous.

I could tell that the ink had come to the surface when I used the hairspray so I thought, well I will just try to rinse the shirts and see what happens. For the most part the blue just washed RIGHT out of the clothes. Then I decided I’d just go ahead and toss them in the washer and then dry them and see if this had worked or if I would be needing to make a run to the store for some black dye. The results were more than enough to please me!
This was the pink sweater, good as new. I think there might be a slight blue tint on the seam but its barely noticeable, considering where we started, and the white shirt has a little blue hue to it in one spot but I always wear it with a cardigan so its no biggie, but it looks like this
I mean, at the beginning of this post did you think we could reach this point? probably not, because I know I didn’t! So lesson learned, hairspray, a little elbow grease and a run through the wash cycle can rid your clothes of those pesky ink stains. An undeserved thank you to my Longchamp and uncapped ink pen for forcing me to seek out this wisdom on line! I hope you see these same results if you are ever in an unfortunate circumstance where you have to use trick!


One thought on “An Ink-redible solution

  1. Have used hairspray to get ink out many times. A little tip – if you spray ink heavy with hairspray, wait a minute or two then blot with a paper towel it seems to help. Keep repeating as needed.

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