Farm Fresh Saturdays

In an attempt to make the best of what little weekend time David and I get to spend together, due to my work schedule, we got up and hit the ground running everyday this past weekend. For some fresh produce and just to have something to do for a while we took to the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market just to see what we could find. Typically, when I think of a farmers market, I think of a huge field in the middle of no where with all this awesome fresh produce , etc etc. Well, that was half right. This is right in the middle of the city and they had 4 or 5 buildings FULL of fresh produce, plants, homemade breads and pastries, fresh cut flowers, and tons of other things! It was tons of fun and we are already making plans to go back again this weekend!  So, heres a little peak inside our adventures at the farmers market, if you’re in the Charlotte area, you should check it out!

One of the most exciting prospects of the Farmers Market trip was that on Saturdays the craft barn is open. Lets just say that that portion of the farmers market did not live up to the expectations I had for it, so I will just leave it at that and not bore you with the details of my disappointment. However, upon leaving the little craft barn, we found ourselves in the greenery shed that had more plants than the walmart parking lot at the beginning of summer (you know, when they block up all the spaces with their shrubs and flowers) However, these were better quality at a much better price, and they had everything you could think of!
It was almost overwhelming the amount of options that surrounded us, I already have some flowers and herbs on my porch, but I was so tempted to buy more and am debating getting a flower box for my railing. My neighbors are going to think I am crazy and my small little porch is going to look like a jungle, but I can’t help it! Flowers are so fun a cheery. Even David caught the bug,

and he purchased some purple cherokee tomato plants for $2.50 and has since planted them on his porch, so hopefully we are going to be reaping the benefits of that in a month or so! These are his favorite, so we made sure to stop by and get some fresh grown ones at the produce stands on top of a variety of other things. However, before we left the garden shed, we could not resist the urge to purchase one of my summer favorites:
Boiled peanuts…. probably the best thing ever. And a bag was $3. Does it get any better than that? No, it does not.

After we exhausted the options in the garden shed, we headed to the produce stands. This is where we dropped some serious cash (not really, but it was the primary reason for our visit to the farmers market) And these sheds were literally crawling with people. I think summer just makes you want fresh fruits and vegetables, boy was this the place to get them! There was produce for as far as you could see in any direction, and everything looked so delicious.
 We got some fresh tomatoes (regular and some of David’s favorite) as well as some peaches and cucumbers, and all of the above were delicious!

 If your mouth is not watering right now, I don’t know whats wrong with you, but I can’t do much else to describe to you the awesomeness of this farmers market and the availability of fresh foods! It just makes you feel healthy to shop around AND everything is such a bargain, AND you are supporting local farmers and people who work really hard to bring these foods to the market every day. Apart from the plants, produce, and craft barn, I am sure you remember me mentioning a few other things we found at the farmers market, well…. heres the scoop on all of those other things!
First of all, this might have been my favorite thing I found the entire day!!!
This guy made homemade olive oils and they were infused with tons of different flavors. I LOVE olive oil, for cooking, for bread dipping… for everything, I just love it! These olive oils were infused with flavors like chipolte pepper, basil and garlic, and citrus, as well as an original flavor. I bought the basil and garlic one and I can’t wait to cook with it! I know its going to be delicious! We also found some homemade pimento cheese that David got, and some fresh wild flowers to jazz up my apartment, which David so kindly bought for me, such a gem!

Also, this was interesting, they had some little fish that you could buy so you can make yourself a little coy pond, so ya know, you can get pretty much anything you need here!

So, heres the loot. I have to say i was really impressed with what we were able to get. I think we spent $40 total for everything we brought home, which was quite a handful of stuff, especially to carry up to my third floor apartment!!
Like I said earlier, we are already planning to go back this weekend, but I think we are going to head out a little earlier to try some of the fresh bake breads and pastries and homegrown coffee for breakfast. Which I can’t wait for, BUT the reward of the whole trip??? A true sign that summer is finally here, my first tomato sandwich of the year!

A delicacy that any southern mother, or grandmother would be proud of, oh, and my pawpaw too!


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