Movement Mondays – Feel So Close

If you have been following my movement Mondays series for a while now, you know that I love a FEW things in regards to dance, if not let me catch you up. Those things would be: the accessibility that youtube brings to sharing your creativity with the art form, So You Think You Can Dance for bringing dance to the masses, and KATE JABLONSKI! She is a creative genius, I want to be in every single one of her dances I watch. Her style is continuously evolving and her ideas are always so great. This is one of her newer numbers, she and her company, Beyond Words, performed this at Carnival in Chicago a earlier this year, and it was amazing! If you click on Kate’s name above you can check out some of her other work on youtube, but as for her Carnival piece, you can take a gander at that right here!

Also, on an unrelated note, I finally found an awesome dance class in Charlotte, thanks to the advice of my good friend Kelsey Sneed, featured in one of my previous posts, and her sister, and one of my sorority sisters from college, who invited me to drop in on a class at their dance studio, Rhythm Dance, in Matthews. It was awesome, just the level I was looking for and an immense workout, with lots of sweating. I think I finally know how people feel when they leave my classes sometimes, and the marathon of combo groups we did made me want to FALL OUT on the floor. But I love the feeling of exhaustion that comes with leaving it all out on the Marley, and I can’t wait to go back for another class as soon as I can make it back over there!

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