Snapshots of my Future Life.

Its no secret that my life goal is to reach some sort of social standing as a southern “socialite” at least in my own mind,  living in a cute lithe southern house, having dinner parties, making sweet tea and mint juleps, while David spends his time fly fishing and playing with that dog he thinks I am going to allow him to have in our home (somewhat unlikely, but the jury is still out on this debate). Well, all of this aside, I think that our life in separate apartments in charlotte has not come close to representing our desired lifestyle, but right now we are settling for living vicariously through the bible of southern living, Garden & Gun. If you love anything and everything southern, you need to be reading this magazine. Let me make it simple for you…. It has EVERYTHING in it! Don’t believe me, see for yourself!

Ok, if the covers and the style of this magazine doesn’t draw you in immediately, we might have less in common than you originally thought when you began reading my blog. I am drawn to this magazine on the racks at the bookstores, (as with interior design magazines, and wedding magazines, neither of which are applicable to my life right now) and I refuse to subscribe because I want them to be in pristine condition as I read them, not all rolled up and folded from the stupid mailbox and post office, who can’t take care of your mail to save their lives. Anywho, even from the cover of this magazine I can hear the South Carolina low country calling my name, begging me to come live out my true lifes purpose as a southern belle with my wrap around porch, hydrangeas, and little boat (oh, sorry, am I describing The Notebook, well that would be an acceptable life path as well). Ok, so I am sure you are wondering what could possibly be between the front and back covers of this magazine that makes me so obsessed, well heres your sneak peak.

First of all, a little something for myself. One issue of the magazine featured a piece on how to be the perfect southern lady, how to tame yourself of your wild child ways and mature into that wonderful young adult your mother always dreamed of during your etiquette classes and cotillion club dances. Or, maybe this isn’t your idea of the perfect southern lifestyle, well lets switch gears, I am sure we can find SOMETHING for you here!

Maybe you are more like me than you think, and like to imagine your first home as a cute little southern row house on a lazy side street where you can walk to dinners and markets everyday. You know the kind that would be the perfect backdrop for your first family dinner or holiday meal, and all those great weekend get togethers with your new friends and neighbors (a far cray from the strange little apartment I am in right now!) But if I could pick the perfect first place, it might be something kind of like this, another feature from Garden & Gun!
::siiigh:: a girl can dream, right, because I know I dream about this one all the time! Not, big on house hunting? Well maybe garden & gun can help you step up your fashion game.

They have fashion for men and women. And its not just clothes, handbags, shoes, jewelry, annnnd of course bow ties, as no southern boys wardrobe is complete without one. Even David has his fair share (and like any southern girl, they tend to make me weak at the knees!) Don’t consider yourself a fashionista, no problem… we’ll take this one right to the belly!

The magazine features articles on great dives, and restaurants all throughout the south, as well as recipes for how to step up your game in the kitchen, ya know, if you’re struggling.
Of course our favorite, Southern BBQ, takes center stage in one of Garden & Gun’s summer issues, but they feature southern treats and delicacies seasonally, so fear not food lovers, there is always something new for you to check out!

Or maybe you just want to party with the best of them, well the good ole folks and G&G know that no southern get together is complete with out libations, so they make sure to let you know which ones have made the cut as the best of the best, and how to serve them to your guest in a unique way!

Or, if you are David, you love that Garden & Gun frequently talks about three of his favorite things : Food, moonshine, and fly fishing. But, of the three they actually glorify fly fishing in the same manor that he does, so it really helps us in becoming one step closer to the ideal Garden & Gun lifestyle because he has already invested a majority of his life earnings to developing his skill as an avid fly fisherman, so we have that going for us!

And, if all of this wasn’t enough, you can expand your Garden & Gun experience from the pages of the magazine to their online blog, where you can be updated more frequently on the southern happenings> OR maybe you are like us and want to embrace this lifestyle, well great you can just join the Garden & Gun club, something I would like to think we will do one day…. I will keep you posted on that one, but it sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

So, take the plunge, subscribe, OR go to your local bookstore and pick up one of the new pristine and pressed magazines from the rack, oooor take it slow and follow the blog so you can find which portions of the magazine are to your liking. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are using it to make your life more awesome!


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