Movement Mondays – She’s baaaaack!

This past week Mia Michaels returned to So You Think You Can Dance. She is most definitely one of my favorite choreographers of all time and I partially credit her for my love of contemporary dance. She is phenomenal and has had the opportunity to make such an impact with her movement. A few years ago when she stopped choreographing pieces for the summer Fox series, I have to say I was a little more than depressed, so you can imagine my elation when she choreographed the Top 20 routine for the 200th episode last Wednesday. Even if she’s not back for the season, it was good to see her back on that stage. I think she is so passionate about her work and such an inspiration to her dancers. Really all of those choreographers are, which explains the high caliber of dancing on the show. But any who, she’s back and this is a peek at her routine from this past weeks show! Also, just to spotlight two of my other FAAAVEs from the show, I am also posting the Travis Wall Routine featuring the top 10 girls, and the Sonya  Tayeh routine with the top 10 guys, all of which were masterful creations. AHHH! I just love dance!


Eyes- choreography by Mia Michaels performed by the SYTYCD Top 20 2012


Where the Light Goes In- by Travis Wall performed by the SYTYCD top 10 girls 2012
(sorry this video is so bad, I couldn’t find a better one!)

Precognition – by Sonya Tayeh performed by the SYTYCD top 10 guys 2012




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