4 favorites for July 4th

In my attempts to be patriotic, I am wishing you all a happy fourth full of sun, fun and BBQ. And of course some cocktails and fireworks! On a more personal note, I hold these truths to be self evident- no fourth of july is complete with out these 4 things:

1.  Smoked, fresh, delicious, savory BBQ!

My favorite sides to go with one of the most american things ever? Hash and rice, potato salad, rolls, a vinegar based sauce and some delicious sweet tea!

2.America wear!

I think this is probably one of the funniest things about the fourth. When I was a kid I use to hate having those stupid shirts from Old Navy with the American flag on it, because EVERYONE had them. As I have grown older and wiser over the years I have realized there are much more AWESOME ways to get your America on for the fourth, so I recommend trying one of these styles this year, ya know, if your trying to make a patriotic statement.

3. Lake Days

 Since I can remember, we have spent the 4th at the lake or by some body of water, getting our tan on, eating delicious food, and enjoying relaxing with family and friends. When I was younger it meant a long weekend at our family lake house, which we just recently bought back (yes the exact same one, were weird, we know!) Then for a while it was camping at the lake with our friends from church and having a cookout, then it was a few summers at the beach or the pool cooking out and hanging out and this year we will be back to the lake house, which is probably the best news I have heard in a while. I can’t wait to eat some delicious BBQ, get tan, and ride on the boat… and maybe get some tubing in too!

4. Fireworks!

This needs no explanation, other than if you don’t have fireworks its not the fourth. End of story.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Stay safe and Enjoy!


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