Shed Some Light on the Subject

My apartment continues to produce reasons for me to spend money and time on crafting and developing my interior decor. As I mentioned in my post on Tuesday, last Saturday I did not have anything to do, and  for some reason found myself awake at 7am. So, on top of all the cooking I did that day, I also started a few craft projects. rewind a few days and I found myself in IKEA looking for a new lamp for my bedside table because I had a few things to return, so I decided to just exchange them for some new lighting solutions for my apartment. But there were so many options there, it was a little overwhelming. Lets start with what I had to begin with (which was nothing to attractive)
See, this is tiny, and wooden and cost $8.99 when I bought it at walmart three years ago. Needless to say it was most definitely time for a change, and update, anything I could think of to get this lamp out of the posh new abode I am trying to create!

So, lets talk about all the options that were at IKEA… there were a lot, different shapes, sizes, colors, AND THEN you had to select a shade. I mean I love options, but this was overwhelming. Finally I decided on a glass lamp because there was no way it wouldn’t match and then I could jazz up the shade or something like that to make it a little more hip.

But even deciding on a glass base left me with a choice…. which SHAPE did I want? With lamps ranging from $20-$65 picking one out was pretty simple. The most attractive lamp with the least expensive price tag. Plus, if I messed anything up while trying to “jazz it up” I would have spent minimal amounts of money on it and could just buy another one. Well before up cycling my brand new lamp (which i know sounds stupid) I wanted to make sure it made the right statement (height wise and the amount of light it gave off, etc) and I think it met all the criteria, except it was a little bland. What do you think?
I also wanted to jazz up the other side table, but it had a lot going on in the first place, with the tall flower arrangement that I have over there, remember this?

So I had to find the perfect lamp that wasn’t too tall or too short, but still looked good, which is precisely why a new lamp was a must because while  the old lamp that was previously on my other night stand was the right height, it was, in fact, NOT good looking enough to continue to justify its existence in my room. So I weighed my options at IKEA and decided that due to the existing flower arrangement that my best option was to purchase some oddly shaped….light source. So I picked this globe light!
I love the shape of it, and when its not lit, it just looks like a pretty vase, but when you light it up it looks even more awesome. I the pattern on it make the light really soft and delicate, which is great, because I have never been a fan of overhead lighting. I think its really harsh and unforgiving, and unless I am trying to work on a project or wake someone up by imposing obscene amounts of lights into their dark sleeping space, I see no use for them. See how clam and pretty this light is, compared to lights on your ceiling fan or something?

On another note, remember how I told you I was going to jazz up my table lamp, well I did! and I love it! After much thought and pinning I decided that instead of up cycling the shade, I was going to tint the glass using a little trick I found. But, being responsible with my purchase I decided to try it out on a small glass vase I had to see if I could get it to turn out right, before I went and ruined my new lamp. Heres the vase and I will walk through how I got everything done before I show you my new lamp!

I decided to use orange because its the accent color on my headboard and I feel like I just don’t have enough orange in my room. Right now I am really tempted to repaint my dresser, but that is another project for another day! haha.

Anywho, I used Mod Podge mixed with food coloring to tint the glass orange. I mixed the food coloring in until it was the shade I was looking for.

It took several coats to get it to the right color but in the end the shade it turned was awesome. I have also seen where you can use elmers glue, etc to make the paste to tint the glass.  After testing the tint on the vase, I took to my lamp base, and applied several coats until it came out the color I was looking for, which took 6 or 7 coats. I guess the finish you are looking for depends on what type of mod podge you use (matte, gloss, etc) and I think glue also provides a different finish as well, so I definitely suggest testing on another glass object before using the tint on whatever you are actually tinting. Then paint away, trying to minimize streaks and have even color distribution, which I know is not the easiest thing, and the let the mod podge dry.

If all goes well, hopefully you will have an awesome, new, one of a kind lamp, like this one, AND its probably the easiest way to upgrade those old vases or candle sticks, or add a pop of color to a room.


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