Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Update

My sister is coming to visit for an extended weekend so in my rush to clean up the clutter in my apartment I finally decided to hang the mirrors I have been collecting for my mirror wall over my sofa. I am not even really sure if this is the final arrangement, or if there will be other mirrors to come, but I wanted to share with you where we were at regarding my previous post about making a statement on the wall above my sofa!

So if you remember we started with that weird toilet paper roll thing that was a good idea in theory, not so much in practice. Then I removed that and had an arrangement of circular mirrors for a month or two while I collected mirrors etc. Despite my desire to collect them from antique shops and thrift stores I actually ended up spending probably more than I wanted to and just going with picture frames from michaels, hobby lobby, and ikea. I bought a looking glass spray paint by krylon and painted the back side of the picture glass, giving it the illusion of a mirror.. with somewhat satisfactory results. My spray painting skills are really lacking these days! haha! But any who after creating my mirrors I just kind of hung them on the wall at free will, no prior arranging, I just like to eyeball things. I think for a 20 minute hang job it looks pretty jam up! And now my humble abode is all ready for its first extended stay guest!


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