Movement Mondays – Summer Smash

So, since its summer and each week I have the pleasure of watching my favorite show on television, So You Think You Can Dance. I thought I would keep you all posted on the progress, and share my favorite number(s) from the previous week! Make sure you keep up with all the action on your local Fox station, Wednesday nights at 8 pm (EST). This past week I had two favorites. Obviously the first was everyones favorite, it was a Travis Wall number set to “Unchained Melody” and centered around the story from The Titanic, it was a dance of epic proportions to say the least! Tons of lifts, great partnering and awesome performance quality, and boasting the title of Nigel’s favorite performance of the evening!

Here’s the Travis Wall number featuring top 20 dancers Audrey and Matthew


My second was a Sonya Tayeh routine because it was one of those dances where she was totally out of her element. It was so soft and elegant as opposed to her harsh and hard hitting movement! I loved watching her explore other styles of movement! She is such a pehnom!

Here is Sonya’s number from last week “Turning Page” featuring top 20 dancers Tiffany and George


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