Birthday Bonanza!

This past week I have had the pleasure of playing host to my little sister for her extended birthday weekend in Charlotte. Honestly it was just the kick off for birth-week, something we celebrate in my family! She came up last Saturday and had her whole weekend planned out with an event everyday to celebrate her 19 years here with us on Earth. For the first few days I felt like I was just a hotel because I was working so she made plans to see friends and family in the area while I was busy. She had dinner plans with a friend Saturday afternoon, with our Aunt Sunday night, and another friend for dinner on Monday and another wednesday afternoon before she left, which left minimal time for my celebrations, but I made do with what time I had, despite my unfortunate work schedule! We made birthday breakfast on Sunday, which was her actual birthday
Complete with scrambled eggs, fruit salad, and french toast from a perviously posted recipe. It was filling to say the least, I had to convince myself to eat dinner that night around 6pm just to keep from passing out at work, even though I wasn’t really hungry.
I also finally gave her the much anticipated birthday present I did for her. In the south in greek life, painted coolers are all the rage, and since she didn’t want to paint one for herself she asked if I would do one for her birthday for her to take to tailgates, events, etc. So I did. I am sure some of you are thinking its crazy I took the time to paint a cooler that is just going to get messed up, but not to worry I took the proper precautionary measurements to ensure it would last as long as possible by using obscene amount of mod podge and then topping it with polyurethane. Hopefully it will make it through the school year unscathed. But here are a few snap shots of the sides I did based on the specs she sent me.

This was the top, complete with her little monogram, just in case someone shows up with the exact same cooler as her…. haaa!

Then this side was one I came up with because she wasn’t sure what she wanted, but I love this lilly print and every sorority girl needs some lilly in her life, so I made this happen.

Then I completed this life is good side to combine her new love of “eno-ing” and obsession with life is good things, which is good, because this side took the least amount of time and didn’t require much precision, unlike a majority of the rest of the cooler….

Then I did this side to get some school pride going, an oops on my part for not getting the letter centered, and in the opinion of my very honest sister “I forgot the gold band in the A and I didn’t include the portion of the lyrics pertaining to moonshine, which is the best part” sigh, I can never do anything right.

This side is my pride and joy, modeled after the blue moon logo for one of their more off beat brews, but I thought it was great for the little mountain, outdoorsy lifestyle in Boone, this side took about 3 days to complete and a lot of stress and struggles!

Tuesday I finally had some time to spend with her so we hit the streets… and by that I mean the South Park Mall to some shopping, eating, and relaxation! And of course to stalk a lot of things we wanted but had no money to buy. For example, I sat with her in the dressing room while she tried on a series of Lilly dresses

and she accompanied me on my quest to find the perfect Michael Kors bag to buy my self when I get my first commission check, which I did, and I will be purchasing it as soon as humanly possible, which will probably be Saturday July 28, giving my check long enough to hit the bank and this is the gem I will be bringing home!!!!
Isn’t this beautiful. The correct answer is yes. Its royal blue and magnificent and smells like leather and makes me feel like all my weird work hours are going to pay off when I can carry this on my arm every. single. day. And no, this has nothing to do with my tote bag obsession as mentioned in an earlier post.

Ok, bag obsession aside, it was great to have time to spend with my sister, which I feel like never happens since she went off to college and I moved to Charlotte. After a day of shopping we met up with my aunt and David at Maggianos, which is a great Italian restaurant, if you’ve never been you should check it out. Its a chain, often found near a cheese cake factory (not a joke). But I had this ginormous pasta dish that gave me some leftovers to bring for dinner at work, and filled me up at dinner, so it was great, and it wasn’t as expensive as I had thought so that was good too, since I so kindly took my sister out to dinner for her birthday!

Sadly dinner was our last hoorah, but I am trying to take off work to be home for another family get together before she goes back to school in August, hopefully that will work out for me! Just thought I’d give you guys an update on why I missed a few posts this week, I didn’t cook much and then I was a liiiiitle preoccupied with my house guest and entertaining. I will try to get back in the groove of things ASAP!

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