Perfect Party Platter

In my pinterest stalking lately I have been seeing a lot of upcycled items turned cake party platters and serving trays. It makes me wish I lived some where that I could have some kind of party that would justify making  some of these, but I guess for now I will just continue to stalk these until I can find a reason to make one and use it! I love that there are so many different ways to fix something up and each one looks so different! Check out some of these I have found recently on Pinterest.


These are great, they are made of simple candle sticks and wood plaques, like you can typically find at Michaels, or Hobby Lobby, and then they were just spray painted bright colors, its a great way to fix up something in a hurry for a dinner or cocktail party, AND you can just repaint the same one every time to go with the decor, since it such a simple piece and there isn’t much to it!


If you’re looking for something a little more classy, maybe try something like this! Mirrors and glass make this tiered serving tray look timeless. All you need is some small candle sticks from the dollar tree and various sizes of mirrored glass (which you can also pick up at Michaels or Hooby Lobby) All you have to do is super glue them together, give the glass a little shine and serve away.


Something like this is great for summer. These patterned plates on top of these pillar candle holders are great, AND I love the drawer pull on the top, because I love drawer pulls. I feel like I might just buy them just to have because I think they are such a great way to add flair to anything.


I also really like this one for something outdoors or for a more rustic feeling! Its made of small terra-cotta pots and then the trays that go under the pots, so, again, its a simple find and a quick coat of paint turns it into something completely new and fun!


I also really really like these because they are so much taller than the others. I think they are lamp bases, honestly, which is awesome because there are so many cool lamps you can find at thrift stores and then you can just put a large plate on top to make a serving platter. I also love the crystal details on the one on the left side, I think it looks whimsical, great for a little girls birthday party, or maybe a bridal shower.


This one is just a great example of lots of different things you can make, a great way to add some pizzaz to some of the more boring cake stands you might make. I love the silver one on the bottom its awesome! I also really like all the bright colors and how different all of these cake stands look. I think this craft is an awesome way to really personalize your decor for any get together, and it helps to save space on the tables because you can double stack the goodies, AND people will love your one of a kind serving trays! Heres to some inspiration and your next get together!

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