London 2012- Part I

click above  for live updates, schedule of events, and other olympic news! 

Happy Olympics! I can’t believe its time for another one. I feel like it was just last year that everyone was ogling over that birds nest they built in Bejing for the olympics in 2008. Let me refresh your memory in case you forgot.

I love the Olympics and all, nothing keeps the world turning like a little bit of healthy competition but the amount of money that is pumped into the event is ridiculous. David and I were watching a show the other night about the building of the olympic stadium in London for this years games and they said it took over 1000 days to complete. Thats SO long, and so many man hours, and people working to do it, which is great for employment but…. come on. Anyways, it turned out pretty awesome, so I guess I don’t have any complaints, it just amazes me the about of work they put into it.

However, I do have to commend the English for making something reusable, for example, did you know During the London 2012 Olympic Games, the olympic village will provide a temporary home for around 17,000 athletes and officials, but once the Games have finished, it will provide a permanent residnetial area for, creating a brand new quarter of the city, to be known as “East Village”. Read more about it here! I can’t wait to watch the games unfold, see who can rack up the most medals and what the big story will be this year! Also, I would be lying to you if I didn’t say that the thing I was MOST excited about was the opening ceremony. I mean the one in Bejing was top notch here are some highlights from the opening ceremonies and various events from the games!

If you aren’t pumped after watching that, you need some serious uppers in your life. Needless to say, I am hoping for something spectacular, my inner dancer and choreographer is utterly depressed its happening  while I am at work this evening, but NOT to worry, it will be DVR’ed and I plan to make an evening out of watching it when I get home!  Make sure to catch it live if you can (7pm on NBC)!! I mean film maker Danny Boyle did spend $42 Million creating it, so it has to be epic, right? Rumor has it that some of Englands most famous fictional characters will be in attendance, from the recent Lord Voldemort to the nanny who is practically perfect in every way, Mary Poppins, of course! But, everyone is unsure because apparently anyone with an inside scoop  was asked to #savethesecret, to the extent that it was trending on twitter last week, so I guess we will have to wait to find out. 

I mean, its hard to keep a secret for long especially when you consider the masses involved. Over 60,000 people have seen the rehearsals, featuring almost 15,000 cast members, and in a few short hours the secret will be revealed to an estimated audience of almost 4 BILLION people. I mean, am I the only person that finds that overwhelmingly intense? Could you imagine coordinating that.?? Not I. The Opening Ceremonies titled “Our Isles of Wonder” is set to kick off promptly at 9pm in London, and air a live broadcast world wide! Tune in here every Monday and Friday for a run down on some more Olympic trivia and events during the games (7/27-8/12 2012) to get your Olympic knowledge on! Happy competing, go for the Gold!

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