The new CP&B

Welcome to the new CP&B! I have been doing a little redesigning lately, ya know just trying to keep the look of things fresh and fun, but I also wanted the look of the blog to better encompass what it was all about. When I started this blog 7 or 8 months ago, it was all about enjoying my last few months of college and embracing the shift between the magical land of college and the real world. Which, honestly thats what its still about but, there is more focus on how I’m coping and, as my mom often says “honing my skills as a future house wife” haha. So as opposed to being titled after the things I liked during my previous years, this is more about… what I do on a basis. Create, whether its in the kitchen, at the dance studio, with my collection of craft supplies, or as a refurb of an old find from a thrift store! The play is about exploring my new city, or travels, or any life adventures I may have, and obviously the blog portion is about my obsession with sharing it with all of you! Which, I think secretly irks David, because the other day I started to take a picture of a restaurant we were at and he goes “Do you blog EVERYTHING?” and my immediate reaction was “YES!”. So welcome to the new cpandb. Same content, new concept and look! Hope you stay a while!

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