My Quarter(foil) life crisis

Im starting to recognize a pattern in my life, and I don’t mean I am developing a routine or I keep finding myself in the same place doing the same thing over and over again accidentally. I mean, I literally have found that several purchases in my recent past have featured the exact same quarterfoil pattern, without any conscious effort on my par to pick it out. Apparently I am just obsessed with it. I mean I love geometric patterns, and things that are visually interesting but I think my subconscious obsession with this pattern could result in a bit of a sensory shock if it starts to take over my life. Let me explain.

I have been eying some personalized stationary on Etsy for a while now, and first of all, I love a good piece of stationary, but there was something about this one that I liked more than others I had seen, it was like the bright color in the background and the stark white geometric pattern really caught my eye, and the fact that I could put my name on it was also a plus. Lets be honest, as a sorority girl I have a serial obsession with anything that can be personalized! But here’s a peak at those cards!

Fast forward a few days, remember about a month or so ago when I posted about the recent updates to my bathroom decor and I bought a new shower curtain? Not exactly a quarter foil, but it has quarterfoilish tendencies. Hence, the quarter foil strikes again.

Then in my thrifting I fell in love with this table because it had this awesome pattern on it, and it would make such an awesome statement piece in a room, without much effort on my part to spice it up! What was it? quarter foil-ish….

Also, what made me first realize was my recent purchase of a new iPhone cover, last weekend, which David so kindly pointed out had a similar pattern to my shower curtain (pictured above). He asked if this was something new that I really liked, which got me thinking, and apparently it is and I didn’t even realize it!

And then there is the over arching connection to all of  this, which would be the fact that I have been saving patterns trying to find a good on for the background of my new blog design:

which I posted earlier this week, and  a majority of them ended up being a quarter foil pattern or something similar and the final decision was, in fact, not the pattern to use, but the color, since obviously the only pattern to chose was my new favorite. Quarterfoil.

Also, just to make sure that I wasn’t carzy, and that this obsession had been slowly brooding for sometime I took a look about at my pinterst boards and likes to see how far back I could trace my love for this pattern… Its a good few months back and none of the things were pinned consecutively or even in the same weeks, just over a period of time I have made a little collection of things with this pattern, SO weird!
I pinned these stationary cards a month or so ago, while I was stalking stationary, because…. I am also obsessed with that.

I pinned this 11 weeks ago, please note the pattern of the back splash tile…. weird!

Then 9 weeks ago I pinned this quarter foil rug making sure to state for the masses that I, in fact, loved it!

Also, just 11 days ago I was loving this tile in a bathroom that I saw on Pinterest as well! I mean I have to admit, I am not opposed to this new obsession, I just think that its weird that it developed with out my conscious effort, or any thought process behind it. Needless to say, I have enough evidence to prove that this love has developed slowly through many chance encounters, which have developed into full fledged quarterfoil love. Its also probably best that I am not doing much crafting right now or I would have some serious power clashing going on with these bold geometric prints ALL over my apartment!


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