Weekday Get Away

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t really a “true” weekday get away because my work weekend happens to fall in the middle of the week, but I did get away, and it was in the middle of the week, so that qualifies right?! This past week, I decided I need to escape my deepening rut of my monotonous job and lots of working, so I took to the road and headed to Charleston to visit my college room mate, Meredith.

Like any good host, she let me pick my desired “weekend” activities, and I was determined to hit the beach, no matter what, in addition I had some plans for my first hard earned commission check to meet up with the outlet malls, and then as always was out to find some good local grub. All three items were checked off my list for sure.

I got into town late Tuesday afternoon and hit the outlets, while she finished a meeting at school. I have to say it was a pretty down and dirty shopping trip. I hit several stores and found everything I was looking for in a matter of an hour and half and made it back to my car before the heavens literally opened up to greet me with the monsoon of the decade. But, I did manage to snag a few good things, including a new purse and this super cute dress for 50% off! I love a good outlet find!
Also, I know I said I was saving up to buy my dream MK bag, but in a depressing turn of fate my dryer went out and I had to spend a portion of my MK fund on getting it repaired because in my adult life, clean and dry clothes are more important than the most beautiful purse I have ever seen. On the bright side, I did pick up this bag though.
Its another crossbody, I have decided I am not done with that stage in my life. its just so much more convenient to throw your purse across your body and leave then to have to struggle to carry it around. Also, another plus for this bag, its larger than my current cross body AND it was on sale! The original price was $250 then I got it for 50% off and then had a coupon for another 30%. Needless to say the deal was too sweet to turn down, and I liked the color. It was a win win.

Anywho after barely escaping the monsoon, I met up with Meredith and another friend from school at a Mexican restaurant for Margaritas and Mexican and chat time, which is always delicious, and definitely a staple in my diet! Then we returned home for some more margaritas and to catch up on the Olympic action, even on my mini vacation I couldn’t pull my self away!

Wednesday I was determined to get some beach time, rain or shine, so we managed to spend a few hours oceanside before heat, hunger, and the on and off rain caused us to leave. Although, I have to say I enjoyed the area we went it, it was nice and quiet, not many people there, very relaxing! Perfect for my one beach experience for the entire summer (depressing!)
After soaking up what little bit of sun we could, we headed to a local favorite, Poe’s Tavern, and had a tasty lunch and a delicious mid afternoon beverage.

It was quite tasty, I had a shrimp salad on this really fresh bread with some pico and chips and Meredith had a burger. Everything was preciously named after a work from Poe himself, and the decor was quirky and fun.

photo courtesy of Southern living because mine was blurry and this one is way better! 

As for the food, it was top notch, and the price wasnt too bad either.I think with the appetizer, meal and a beer or two on my bill I still managed to stay around $20 for the whole shebang, which isn’t too bad if you ask me! If you are ever in the area (Sullivan’s Island, that is) I recommend you swing by this place and grab a tasty bite to eat!
We also made sure to hit up some thrift store, and decorator outlets to see if I could find anything that struck my fancy to maybe inspire me for a refurb, or a new craft project since I haven’t done one in a while. No such luck but we did find some pretty comical things… like this little band of a musically inclined birds.
If thats not your fancy, maybe you’d rather have these fun masks…. for wall decor or dress up! It took some arm twisting but I managed to get meredith to model them for me and so kindly agree to let me post them here for all of you to see!

Then of course we found this table, which helped me to continue to discover my quarterfoil life crisis, more on that here! But hey, what can I say, I really like this table and its orange and fun! I mean I didnt have a way to get it back to charlotte, or any use for it in my apartment, but it was definitely a good inspiration piece for…. something in the future, right?! A cute old table with a fun pattern on top in a bright color, right up my ally! Who wants one? I will make it for you! haha!

We also made sure to hit up the market, where we found THIS little gem, which was definitely a sign that we should have been reunited with the third musketeer, Kelly Moses, as this was her drinking name in college, maybe you remember this!?

Amazing! A tribute to our former life for sure! I thought about making a purchase and gifting it for an upcoming birthday, but I wasn’t sure the nickname was justified in the real world! Oh well! All in all a great trip! So awesome to get away and see an old friend. I definitely feel less…. rut-ish these days. I have a lot going on in the next few weeks. I got my first approved vacation time on Saturday and Sunday so I am headed home to see all of my family and then I feel like I wont work for an extended period of time for almost another week, which is going to be a nice little break because sometimes you just get burnt out! Hope you guys have been enjoying summer and making the best of your time off!



One thought on “Weekday Get Away

  1. Hi, had unch with Rachel today, and she filled me in on
    the latest…looking foward to your visit, miss you lots, it will be fun to have have everyone together again…drive careful….Looks like you had a great rip to Chas..I love that place myself…see you soon, love Nana

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