Passport to Paris

A clever throw back if you’re old enough and awesome enough to remember those weird Mary Kate and Ashley movies, which I was shamelessly obsessed with in my younger days. And, ok maybe I didn’t go to Paris, but this is probably as close as I am going to get for a while. This past weekend David and I made it our business to get out and do some more exploring in Charlotte. Aka, I made it my business to find  new place in town I could write a blog post about! haha. We decided to try out this french bakery in Noda that our friends from college, Tyler and Melissa, told us about, you can check out Melissa’s blog here, lots of good kitchen tips and adventures! Amelie’s was definitely not a disappointment. Other than we tried to go to the one down town and got so frustrated trying to find parking we just headed over to Noda, which is probably where we should have gone in the first place. Anywho, if you haven’t heard of this place, you probably need to check it out next time you are having a sugar attack OR are driving through Charlotte if you are not from here.

Its called Amelie’s French Bakery. Its so cute and quirky. David actually hated the inside, so naturally I had a ball looking at all the weird wall decor, “chandeliers” and loved the fact that it looked more like a living room than a restaurant in the seating area! I mean it was so fun inside, how could you not like it?!

When you walk into the bakery, you are greeted by an array of delicious desserts all neatly organized in these pastry cases in the front of the store. Talk about overwhelming!

There were so many things to choose from that David and I had to order twice. First for our normal breakfast and then we went back after to pick our pastries. They had macaroons, creme brûlée, bananas foster, fresh breads, literally everything! So for the breakfast portion of our meal we just had coffee and twin breakfast sandwiches, bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant.

It was tasty, the croissants were very flaky and delicious. I was glad it wasn’t some huge pastry because I was definitely eyeing that case when we walked in the door, and I couldn’t wait to pick out a treat to enjoy! I picked a cannoli… looking pastry called a tie that was filled with raspberry filling and was very tasty, and David got a cream cheese filled croissant, which was also tasty, because I had to sample it for him to make sure it was ok to eat!

I wont lie, we will most certainly be back there. I believe I read somewhere it is open 24 hours, so it sounds like a pretty good place to go for a late night snack! I just wish I had taken my sister there when she was here, because she loves creme brûlée and all things baking, so this would have been perfect for a little birthday treat! Anywho, if you’re ever passing through, or live in the charlotte area and you haven’t been to Amelie’s you NEED to go, you wont regret it, I promise. From the fun decor to the delicious treats, its definitely a must see in the Queen City.


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