Sorry I have been MIA for the past few posts. Life has literally been a blur this past 4 or 5 days! I worked a different schedule on Friday because David and I were going home to visit my family for the weekend. And since then I have been too busy relishing in my ENGAGEMENT!!!!!!!! to keep you guys up to date on everything going on. But things have calmed down a little now, so, I thought it would be a great time to update you on all the happenings! So like I said, David and I went to Augusta for the weekend to visit my family because my Moms whole family was coming down for the weekend. I won’t lie to you guys, I was suspicious it might happen this weekend, because David was overly excited about our trip. I mean I know it was going to be the first weekend we had spent together in a while because of my current job, but it was a little out of the ordinary. AND, apart from the crappy weather it was a pretty great weekend. I feel like it all went by in a flash, and it still hasn’t really hit me that we are getting married.

So, as everyone I encounter has asked before you, I am sure you want “the story” and to know exactly how it happened.  So we should probably start with my disclosure on my mood that day, which was a little less than chipper, you could venture to say that I was being somewhat less than pleasant. In my defense, I have been sick so a nice weekend in my pajamas in the rain was right up my ally. BUT, other people had more significant plans. So back track a few hours prior to the engagement, and rumor has it that Dad and David had a private moment at a gas station where David showed him the ring and let him know what was about to go down, because with a house full of people, it was the only time he could snag my dad away from the crowd, and probably the only time he could get a word in, considering how loud and rambunctious we are! Anywho, he had already decided he was going to take me to our favorite restaurant for lunch and do it there. A little background for you guys on that. Obviously, David and I like to cook, and eat, and try new things, however, in Augusta, we are in the biggest food rut that exists. Every time we are home we go grab a meal at the Boll Weevil, even if were only home for a day or so.

We always get the same meal and typically the same dessert, its kind of pathetic, now that I think about it, but its our own little tradition. I took David there the first time he came to visit me in Augusta, and we have been going there together ever since. I mean how can you resist a restaurant that has the best desserts you have ever seen in your life?!? I mean look at this pastry case!


And the cakes that come out of this case are even more ridiculous, ever time I bring someone there for the first time I always advise them we should share a dessert, and they never believe me until this arrives on their plate, and they have to eat the whole thing!


So, needless to say you can see why David and I love this place so much, and now that we got engaged there, we can justify asking to have their peanut butter pie as the Grooms cake at the wedding! So back the the engagement story!


The trouble with his decision to take me to lunch is that he didn’t foresee the struggle that awaited him when he asked me to be a functioning member of society, get dressed, and go to lunch. Once I lost the battle and was dressed and presentable to the outside world, I somehow managed to be convinced that we needed to stop by the fly shop so he could shop around… (what??? I just wanted a curious george and some cake) Clearly, this did not improve my mood, and I was convinced that I did not want to go eat lunch, nor did I want to sit in the restaurant and watch him eat. So from the time we left the house until we finally arrived at the restaurant I had gone from, sure lets go grab lunch to lets just get a salad and desert, to lets just get it to go, to are you sure we need to go to lunch. His response was always “whatever you want to do” now looking back I feel bad because I didn’t give him the chance to play out whatever he had been planning, he says it made it easier because he didn’t have a choice but to do it because I kept narrowing down the window of opportunity. So, when we got to our favorite spot, and I was convinced we were just grabbing some cake to go, he informed me we couldn’t just leave because he brought me there for a reason, and that he was trying to marry me, and then the rest was a blur, he was on one knee, there was a ring, I was OBVIOUSLY excited, and feeling bad for ruining his plans at the same time. Clearly I said yes, and our first congratulations came from some country bumpkin who busted out of the Quizznos in the bottom of the hotel across the street, exclaiming ” HEY YA’LL CONGRATULATIONS, WE SEEN THE WHOLE  THANG THROUGH THE WINDOW” Typical, of course this happened to me, after our first congratulatory well wishes, all I could do was think about getting home and telling everyone, so needless to say, lunch was put on the back burners, but I still got my peanut butter pie, which was just as delicious, if not more because it was our engagement treat! And, on top of the pie I did get this, which was an awesome added bonus if I do say so myself!
We then spent the rest of the weekend notifying the world, and stuffing our faces because in each of our families, every celebration requires a delicious meal. What can we say, were big foodies, and we get it honest! It was so good to get to see all of my family and his family in one whirlwind weekend of excitement and celebration, but needless to say this was not the relaxing weekend at home I had envisioned, but it was so much better, so what can I say!!!!

So, here are my apologies for the increase of posts about my life and wedding planning, etc in the coming month. Fear not, I will still be cooking, and definitely doing a lot more crafting for wedding events and such, as I now must hone my skills as a wife-to-be, and, as we all know, practice makes perfect!



3 thoughts on “YES!

  1. Hi, nice to hear all the details…it was wonderful…and I am thrilled…hear anything from your interviews yet??? let me know….love u NANA

  2. Hey Kristen, read your engagement episode and I am very thrilled for you, as I mentioned earlier I am waiting at the mailbox for my invitation. All I can say is

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