Ciro’s Charlotte

Since yesterday we talked about the proposal at our favorite restaurant in Augusta, where I no longer live, I thought I would update you guys on one of our Charlotte favorites. Since David first moved in a little over a year ago, we have loved this little Italian place near his apartment. Its called Ciro’s and its the perfect mix of food, ambiance, and convenience, and its always busy, but never crowded so we have never had to wait for a table, which I also love!

Its just good, hearty food, and they give you the dipping bread and oversized portions, I mean whats not to love? Other than the price…. On our new post grad budget, we try to only treat ourselves there on special occasions…. such as when our parents want to take us to dinner, birthdays, or anniversaries, and a random wednesday night in August, like last week. Well I guess it was kind of a special occasion. Maybe I should start form the beginning so you comprehend. Last week I won a sales competition at work which earned me bragging rights and 30 seconds in THIS!

Yep, this is a money booth…. and I got to go inside it, make a fool of myself, and try to catch some cash in my shirt. Lets just say that apart from being claustrophobic, and feeling like a fish in a bowl, I also I generally lacked a strategy and was not able to keep kicking the cash from the corners into the air flow and then stuff it inside my jacket. It was too much going on all at once, and I was clearly struggling. When it was all said and done I netted a little under $200 so, that wasn’t too shabby for a 30 seconds of work, however, it was a measly profit compared to someones $500-$600. Nonetheless, my 30 seconds in the money booth, did result in an awesome dinner at Ciro’s, which is always a treat!

So, after collecting my cash, I headed back up to North Charlotte and David and I headed to Ciro’s for dinner. Like I said, they make sure to give you rather large portions so I found myself with some left overs, and a meal for the next day! However, I am not complaining, and in a turn of events because I cashed out in the money booth, I got to pick up the tab, which I think was a great treat for David and his wallet! Just to give you an idea of the portions…. this is the side salad!!! It ginormous!
I mean it was on a regular sized dinner plate, so by the time my actual dinner came, I was close to stuffed, so it was pretty astonishing I was able to force myself to eat this delicious chicken parm… Ok, who am I kidding, it wasn’t that surprising that I managed to make myself eat more, I mean I knew it HAD to be delicious, because it always is. But still the portion was oversized, and overly delicious!


Also! On top of the great food, minimal wait, and convenient location, they also have an accordion player who is there on occasion, playing some typical Italian jams, and he was there last week when we went, and serenaded us during our meal. It was pretty legit!
I mean in Charlotte, this is the closest you are going to come to feeling like you are even close to some Italian get away, feasting your way through wine country eating home made pasta and drinking delicious wines (clearly a life goal of mine!) But again, if you are in the Charlotte, NC area, definitely make sure that you check this place out. Its in University City area, and definitely worth the trip if you’re looking for some hearty Italian deliciousness.


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