The Walking Canvas

I know, I know. I am ages late on this trend, but I have been wanting to try it for a while, and never really got around to it. Also, I never really had a reason to purchase Toms prior to my friend Lauren’s wedding in March. However, I still haven’t ballsed up and painted mine yet, I think I am scared I will do it and then hate it, so luckily when I went to visit my friend Meredith in Charleston a few weeks ago, she gave me a pair of hers, a design she wanted and I went to town on my first attempt at painting Toms. It was actually much easier than I expected, but then again, I didn’t do anything too elaborate, just a Lilly pattern, which a word to all of you crafters out there, those Lilly patterns are much easier to paint than you would think!

So, here is a peek at the Toms I painted for her, she was pretty pleased, as was I with the outcome! And like I said, the whole project ended up being much easier than I had anticipated, taking about 4 or 5 hours from start to finish, including a dinner break and drying time, before I sealed them with an acrylic paint sealer.


The best thing about this craft is that it was free, these Toms were old and used, so it was a great way to spice them up without having to scrub them and wash them etc. AND I just used acrylic paint, which I already had.

So the only money spent on this project was the $5 I spent to ship them back to her. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself! Nothing thrills me more than being able to do something for freeeee, or use things I already had to make something new and wonderful, aka I love being resourceful!

Also, in my researching, I found a lot of other Toms that are AMAZING! So I feel like I really need to pass them along, because people obviously spent a ridiculous amount of time on these, so they need to be appreciated.

I love these henna-esque shoes! Just the ink pen design looks great, it makes the shoes really stand out AND because there aren’t a ton of colors on them, they can kind of mesh well with any outfit!


I also love these because I love peacocks, and peacock feathers, I think its a color thing, and I love the texture of them, so these are right up my ally, and it kills me that people have taken all the time to paint these!

Also, for any of you Disney lovers out there, these are some awesome Toy Story TOMS and I think they are great! I couldn’t imagine how long these took, but I also saw another picture that has the bottom of the shoe and it actually says Andy on it, like all the toys in the movie! These are great, I love them!

Also, incase you are wanting to cheat on the time and effort, but still get a great looking pair of toms, this pinner had a great idea, they used a lace patter and laid it on top of the shoe and spray painted it to create the lace pattern, in a matter of minutes the entire shoe was done. AWESOME! I wish I had thought of this first haha! I mean I think they look pretty awesome!
So, if you are looking to clean up those old TOMS, maybe think about turning them into a walking art canvas, hopefully this inspires you to make something useful out of the instead of just throw them away or let them sit in the back of your closet. I am probably going to spray paint mine soon, so stay tuned for an update on that!




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