Movement Mondays – Interpretation

Sorry for the brief olympics hiatus from this series, but were back in full force, and luckily so was So You Think You Can Dance this week! So here is your dose of dance love to kick off your Monday morning right. If you caught the show this week, it was definitely one for the books. The producers basically created an homage to Mia Michaels, for the first time dedicating all the pieces on the show to the work of one choreographer. And it was pretty awesome, because I have to admit I have been missing my Mia. Although, some of it was hard to swallow because I kept remembering the original routines, I think each dancer brought something new to each routine as well. However, one particular routine stood out more than the others, and I completely agree with the judges that this was the best recreation. Each of the dancers in the restaging took their characters into their own place, and Cole was straight creepy. It was kind of awesome, because I think his interpretation of the addiction was much better that Kupono’s was originally. Cole was very demonic and haunting, while Kupono was originally very stoic, and unemotional. I mean I thought Kupono was creepy the first time I saw this dance, but yeah Cole just took it to this whole other level. I actually found this side my side comparison of the number from the two different performances. I think its awesome! I love how different dancers interpret different movement and story lines and can make it their own! Its definitely one of my favorite things about dance. I mean you are performing for other people, of course, but you are in this character, and special place with the movement, a lot of times, for yourself. Love it!

So check out this comparison of the two performances of Mia Michales Addiction to the song Gravity by Sara Bareilles.

Ugh, don’t you just love Mia Michaels, I do! And I think both performances are amazing in their own right. Its hard to pick a favorite. Its almost like the interpretation of the characters and the movement made them two completely different numbers. Amazing! Happy Movement Monday, dance lovers!


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