The Golden Ticket

I like to consider wedding invitations like a golden ticket. As a guest it gets you an all access pass to what is sure to be an evening of food, fun, and merriment. AND, as a bride-to-be, it gets you one more chance to find some ideas you might not have thought of to include in your big day. I was especially excited to receive the invitation suite for my friend Laura’s wedding the other day. For multiple reasons. One, I am actually her day of wedding coordinator, so, I am really excited to be able to take on as much of her weekend of wedding burden as possible to make sure she gets to enjoy herself. Two, its in the upstate so I will probably get to see some of my Clemson folk while I am in town for the wedding, even if it might only be for a few hours on Sunday, after the festivities have ended. Three, I spent a few weeks helping her perfect her wedding invites, on the side of the graphic designer, which I always enjoy!


So, to see it all come to life, and be printed on pretty paper and arrive in my mailbox in a perfect little bundle of wonderfulness was a great way to start my week!

Its a fall weddings so I loved all the burlap, and craft paper envelopes, and the orange, of course!!! Again, I also liked the presentation a lot. iN my organized life, I enjoy things to be nicely stacked, and for everything to have a place. So that was great, and had nothing to do with me, haha! I was also glad I got to design these, and didn’t have to stuff and address the envelopes, although, I am sure my time is coming soon enough (EEEK!).

We started with their wedding logo, which took some time to nail down, and all the swirlys took some effort to get just right, and I eventually had to enlist the help of David to perfect them. Thank goodness for men with patience and some design skills, but I think it turned out pretty good.
So, after nailing this part down, the rest sort of fell into place. We used this logo on the top of the invite and on the back of the response card, and then they dropped it on to their directions sheet they sent out with the invites. Also, there are a lot of specifics as to wording, and layout etc, depending on who is hosting the wedding, and formality, and whether or not you are having it at a church? Who knew!? Not I. But we also got the wording nailed down after a few tries, and got to the final product.


Then, the response card was the easy part, you respond by this date with the number of guests, please make a song request. Thanks.



I also got to design their rehearsal evening invites, which I also loved! I will show you a little snap shot of them since we are still making small edits and trying to get the final product nailed down, but I really like this one as well!

Now that I have this wedding invitation packet complete, I guess soon it will be time to start thinking about ours, and how we want it to look and feel, etc. Which could be quite an undertaking, since David and I both have that design eye, and I like things that are elegant, and upscale, and he likes things that are letter pressed, and I am looking for some out of control presentation. I think things could get pretty intense with our invites. But I will most certainly keep you all up to date on that task as it develops. Our goal is to have a final version nailed down and perfect to a T before Christmas this year.


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