Kitchen Improv

Do you ever start to make something for dinner or, dessert, or whatever, and nothing goes as planned, and it turns into something entirely different? Well, thats how I got from making a delicious pound cake to some kind of trifle-esque dessert last week. So when I was home the other weekend, someone gave me this all natural pound cake mix from a company called WildTree .

So, of course I needed to try it out immediately and the concept of making a pound cake that I could just slice up and eat for breakfast on the go seemed like the perfect option for me. Well, I bought the extra ingredients I needed to make the cake, but I forgot to buy a cake pan. Improvisation number 1: I decided I would make them in a muffin tin. The recipe said it made 12 servings about, so I figured if I split it up into 12 muffin cups then they would already be portioned and ready to go, AND save me the “hassle” of having to cut it up, etc every day. While they didn’t look super appetizing, I wasn’t too concerned because I wasn’t planning on blogging it and I was just going to have them t eat for breakfast, however, trouble was brewing in paradise. The instructions said to let them cool about 10 or 15 minutes and then remove them from the pan and let them cool on a drying rack. Well, when I went to remove the from the muffin tin (which to my defense I did grease heavily before placing the mix inside) I was only about to get a few out in their full muffin form…. the rest were a crumbly mess. Only these 6 came out whole.

Improvisation 2: I decided that I could just crumble it up and put it in a pan and serve it as a dessert option as opposed to a breakfast option. THEN, I thought, “who wants to sit around and eat crumbled up cake?” even if it tastes good, that is so annoying. So, that lead me to improvisation 3: I remembered these berry trifle cups that we made for the Masters party and told David to stop by the store and grab some blueberries and strawberries and some whipped cream, because this was going to be my “thinking on my feet” version of that dish. My thought was to cook down the berries over medium/ high heat with some sugar, and then layer cake, berries, whipped cream. Well…… David forgot the whipped cream, oops! So that leads us to improvisation 4: just go with what ya got. So it ended up being cake, berries, cake berries, It ddin’t look all that impressive, but the sweetened berries tasted good and so did the crumbled cake so I figured they had to be good together.
However, when I went to eat it, I was really bummed that it was missing that creamy element of the whipped cream, so improvisation 5: serve with ice cream, a legitimate cure all for any dessert crisis, at least in my book. And I think that did the trick.

That just looks more delicious than with the cake and berries in the pan together, and when the ice cream started to melt while I was eating, it was kind of like having the whipped cream in there…. right?!?

But I just thought I would send one of my semi-failures in the kitchen with you since I always talk about how delicious and wonderful and pretty easy everything I make is. To have been a box cake mix that I had planned to spend no more than an hour preparing for multiple breakfasts, it kind of turned into this whole other thing. But hey, it all came out in the wash, I think.


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