Venue Shopping

I’ve decided that in my wedding planning endeavors, there is no such thing as too early. Last week I went home with a full agenda for my mom and I on my two days off and we hit some venues in Augusta to try to find the perfect place for David and I to have our reception. When the day started out David and I were pretty sure we wanted our wedding on August 24th of next year and we were UNSURE as to which event space would be the perfect one for us, but our list of questions would be sure to narrow it down for us, and it surely did. When planning a wedding where the preliminary guest list is teetering around 350, space was the biggest factor, because even if only 15-20% of those people come we will be around 300 guests, and someone always brings that plus one that wasn’t included on the invite, etc. Apart from that finding a space that would allow for all the things we wanted (a live band, an open bar, a late night party, and minimal space conversion to create the wow factor we were looking for). My mom and I started at 10am with our first appointment, packed lunches that we ate in the car, and the only break we had during the day we used to stop by our church to get the info we needed about the ceremony (here is a sneak peak at the outside of the church!)

I guess the easiest place to start is the beginning. I will try to be objective in talking about all the spaces we looked at, because I want to see if you can guess the one we actually selected! By the way, by the time the day was over, we had moved our wedding date up two weeks and have finally settled on August 10 of next year. EEK! Less than a year to plan, haha and if I ever need a play by play I have my trusty wedding planner, or the ever looming checklist on!

The first place we looked at was the River Room at St. Pauls in downtown Augusta, this would be conveniantly located for our out of town guests, its a large space and has that great entrance impact, and of course that ever so important outdoor space that David and I considered a must have for where ever we choose! Here are a few pictures I snapped during the tour so you can get a better idea of the space, tons and tons of space, inside outside, all over the place!

Next, we headed to The Richmond on Greene, which was an old converted hotel space. It is very ornate, so if it goes with the decor you are looking for, there wouldn’t be much conversion needed, there is also a large outdoor space and the dining chairs and some of the furniture included in the rental is really nice. Again, if it goes with what you are looking for.

Then we went to The Old Medical College, which is the original location for the medical college of georgia…. or whatever they are trying to call it these days. Anywho, the space has a lot of character, a large outdoor space, the original hardwood floors and a little rotunda, and that big impact when you drive up… after you get over the surrounding areas, oh Augusta, how I love thee! But, these are trivial things when considering the location for the biggest party you will ever throw!

After that we headed over to the Marian Hatcher Center, another historical location in Augusta. Lots of rooms and layout options, an outdoor space, and ample parking, on-site, which is always a plus! Again, another space with a great facade! I mean how could you not dream of gorgeous pictures on these cascading staircases?!

Finally we headed to Enterprise Mill, again, another historical location in town, with that rustic interior we love and, a really great outdoor space as well, and it already comes with those lanterns we would use in the space (included decor is always a plus!) Not much to look at on the approach, but the inside is great and so is the little fire pit! Check it out!

So that was my whirlwind day! Those of you who have been following me for a while, OR know me personally, which one do you think we picked? I will say that I booked it for SURE yesterday so we are one step closer to realizing our (my) dream wedding, because David says the venue and the decor are unimportant, he cares about the food and beverages, haha! Make sure to take the poll below and I will post the results of what you guys thought and what we actually picked sometime next week!!!


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