String ’em up!

I have been holding on to this post for quite some time to give myself enough time to catch up and include my own piece of DIY jewelry, but the task has taken much longer than I had anticipated, and mine, like many things I posted on here turned from the original project into something else. A few weeks ago when David and I were visiting my family in Augusta (also the same weekend we got engaged!!!) my aunt brought a craft project for us to tackle that weekend, little did we know it would be a marathon project. She came across a picture of this necklace from an accessories website with a tutorial attached for how you can try it at home.

Super cute, and SUPER expensive. So, this lady’s tutorial said she could teach us how to make it for $3. Well it was probably a little closer to $15, and it definitely took some time to master. But, I think we all ended up with the necklace we wanted and it was a fun project to do for the weekend and I am slowly working on mine to make it what I want haha!

So, lets start at the beginning. You can use beading string, or fishing line (which is what I am using for mine) You also need a beading needle, which is awesome for hand beading all these tiny little beads.

In order to figure out how long you want to make your necklace measure visually… I am such a visual person so this works best for me. Also remember if you decide to do the knot at the end you should add an extra few inches onto the length to give you the extra length to knot it up, then add  a little extra onto the ends for attaching it to the clasp at the end as well. Sorry I dont have an exact measurement. I literally stood in front of the mirror and measured and then cut all my strings the same length. After all the beads are on the strands you should have something like this!

After you bead all your strands you can either just attach the strands to the clasp, which is what I am doing or tie the knot. So, if you are wanting to tie the knot here is a visual but you basically need to separate your strands of beads into two stacks (we did 2 stacks of 8 strands, but if you want it thicker you can do more!) Here is picture tutorial of how to tie the carrick bend knot, which is the one used in the necklace pictured at the beginning of this post.

So, once you get the knot tied, we used little dots of super glue to get the beads to lady down a little more flat instead of clumping up everywhere, here is a picture of the one my sister did.

and my aunt did the same thing in red. I am going for more of a thick stacked look, which I have realized is going to mean I ahve to string a lot more beads than I had originally planned. I think I will end up doing between 30 and 40 strands to get the look I am going for. I am also mixing two shades of blue, just to kind of give it some more texture and color, but here is what I have so far.

But, this is more of the look I am going for, so to say I have a ways to go is KIND of an understatement, but since I have been attaching the beads as I finish them, I kind wear it as I work on it, which is always a plus. haha!

When I finally get mine all finished I will definitely share a picture of it with you guys! This is a great project to do at night a just work on it a little at a time, pretty tedious, but I just string while I am watching TV before I go to bed at night or when I am bored or its raining or whatever, so I am making steady progress without sitting around working on it for 48 hours straight. So, it just depends on how quickly you are looking to wear your creation, but you can pretty much pick up everything you need from your local michaels or hobby lobby so its a one stop shop for all the supplies you need. And by that I mean it will all even be on the same isle, which is my favorite trip to the craft store because it keeps me from spending any extra money on things I dont need! Happy beading, let me know if you guys have any tips or tricks for getting this look in less time or with ease, or let me know if you gave it a try and how it turned out for you!

One thought on “String ’em up!

  1. I found a better example on Pinterest that i think will work better. It also has more specific details as how to attach each strand. I will send it to you over the weekend!!!

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