The Knob Snob

On the list of things I hate about furniture shopping, the factory knobs that come on cabinets, side tables, and dressers have to be in the top 5. I literally cannot comprehend why you would sell some beautiful refurbished old dresser that you have upcycled with the same nasty knobs that came on it when there are so many other options that you can find for cheap. Thats right, my name is Kristin, and I am a knob snob. When I come to your house I am probably checking out how fashion forward your drawer pulls are… ok maybe not in the kitchen but on other little accent pieces. I think knobs are such a fun way to spice up the furniture in your home and there are so many great options in a variety of price ranges, so no matter what your budget you can always afford a little facelift! So here are some pictures of different knobs I found bumming around at the mall. I always stop by Anthropologie to see if they are on sale, because they tend to be a little expensive. But they are always so awesome!

I really like these because they are a simple fun pop of color for any piece of furniture you want to jazz up and you don’t have to worry about some crazy shape or pattern, just a simple classic knob in a bright fun color, a great way to at some pizzaz to your drab!

I really like this one because its a great add on for a more toned down room. Something more classic. It was kind of a brushed gold with toned down spots of color on them. I liked that everything on it was kind of toned down and drowned out. It makes it more feasible in a lot of different spaces, as opposed to something more fun and exciting this one:

This one is great, I love the pattern, its such a statement piece! But, like I said, because of how busy it is and the pattern and colors it couldn’t go in any space, but like said, lots of options for lots of different things.

I really like this sparkly one with rhinestones great for a little girls room, or a boutique themed walk in closet. So fabulous! I love them, imagine it on a crisp black or white set of drawers, ugh! Gorgeous!


They also had some really cool floral drawer pulls, like the two above, which again would be awesome in a little girls room OR on an old antiqued wooden piece of furniture, to kind of make it soft and elegant ( I especially like the coral one!).

Another great add on to a piece of old wooden furniture would be this awesome rope knot knob. I almost bought these from hobby lobby when I was moving and redecorating back in April, but didnt have anything to put them on, so I guess I will just stick with putting them on my blog, haha! But they do give those perfect antique look, so if youre hunting for a way to take your refurb to the next level, this is it!


I also really like these, they are also from Anthropologie, I like that the shape is different and they are a little more metallic, they kind of remind me of the shiny christmas tree balls, and we all know how much I love Christmas!


I also thought this one was fun, and considering all the beading I have been doing lately, the thought did cross my mind that I could make something like this, but then it left as quickly as it came when I remembered the time commitment that comes with hand beading.

I have also used both of the drawer pulls below on my repainted dresser I have had since freshman year of college. It started white, then was painted black, and has sported several different knobs since its first appearance in my home decor options. Both of these are from Hobby Lobby and I snagged them when knobs were 50% off, which happens more often than you think!



These are on my dresser in my bed room right now, and I think they are fun, but I like that they are clear so its not some eye popping obnoxious color, just a classy accent item.


These are the pulls I took off my drawers when I moved into my apartment. I never realized that they were both kind of layered flowers, just different styles. But either way, it was nice to update the hardware for my new space!

Also, another great use for knobs are these really great wine stoppers that I have seen on pinterest and have every intention of making soon!

You just cut the screw off the bottom and attach the top of the drawer pull to an old wine cork from a previously opened bottle and, TA-DA! A great DIY gift for all your girlfriends at christmas, gift it with their favorite bottle of wine, and its sure to be a hit!

I found tons of other great knobs at World Market when I was perusing on line one day! So check some of these out if I have gotten you guys addicted to updating some of the knobs in your home! 




I think all of these are so fun! I like the animals and the splatters in the clear glass, and I like that the top two have kind of weird shapes, it makes them really unique, kind of like a statement piece in your home! Another plus for new drawer pulls! Its like art on your furniture.

OK, obviously you can see how overboard these things get. I just love them!!!!! Its such a cheaper option than getting new furniture, I am of the opinion that any furniture can be improved with a new coat of paint or a quick refinish and some updated hardware. 50 bucks sounds a lot better than a few hundred if you ask me! And this is an awesome way to make the pieces your own, a one of a kind touch of your personal style, until you pin it or blog it and someone else copies you! So, join the club, every house deserves a knob snob to fight for the rights of your tired boring furniture!


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