Tailgates and Tiger tails

In case you missed it, this past weekend was the much anticipated start to college football. Things started off Thursday night with the Carolina/Vandy game and continued through the weekend to the nail biter that was the GT/VT game last night. And right in the thick of it all, the prim time Chic-fil-a kickoff game featured my beloved Clemson tigers, and as if things couldnt get any better, we returned triumphant with a win over Auburn for the second straight year

AND finally won in Atlanta, a feat we have not been able to overcome for some time! Ps. thanks to my friend Jessica for posting this picture on instagram so I could share it with you all! Unfortunately, David and I were unable to attend the game in Atlanta, because we had a lunch with both our parents on Saturday, they met for the first time this weekend, crazyyyyyy, and did a little wedding planning, and chatting. I have to say it went quite well, sans the lacluster service we had at the restaurant we went to, oh well, all was not lost. It was good to see everyone and chat and catch up. Then we headed back to Charlotte, pressed for time because we were having our own little viewing party with Tyler and Melissa for the game! We set out with lofty goals and were thinking of making chicken wings in the crockpot, needless to say, by the time we got to the store and realized we had an hour and a half to shop, clean and prep the dishes we were making it went from chicken wings to chicken quesadillas HA! But they were a hit nonetheless! We had quite a large amount of food


and beer. Tyler brought along a growler from the Old Mecklenburg Brewery in Charlotte, David was quite a fan, being the beer connoisseur that he is (more on that later this week!) But the great thing about this growler is that its kind of like a propane tank, you purchase the first one full price and then you just pay a fee to swap them out with a full one once you drink it all, talk about freshly brewed beer. Melissa said that they took her friend visiting from Germany there and the beer was similar to a lot of the beer she drinks from Germany. Top notch, so a little plug for the Old Meck Brewery, if you are ever in the area, definitely make sure to check it out!

And no, this is not the only beer we had, they were just to two favorites at the gathering! Now, the only thing that was lacking was the sweating outside and having to walk a country mile if you needed to go to the bathroom to get to a port-o-potty. Soooo maybe our not being at the game wasn’t so bad after all and it was so much fun to see Tyler and Melissa! PLUS, I managed to snag some tickets for David and I to make it to the first home game this coming weekend, which means friends, football, and of course Davids favorite thing…. smokin pig! But less on the next game and more on this past one. Lets talk tailgate favorites. I know I have posted this recipe before, but I think its worth a second post, its always such a hit and perfect for football season. I managed to snag it form a friends Mom in high school and have been making it for parties and gatherings ever since!

Mexican Layer dip:
Mix together softened cream cheese, sourcream and a half a package of taco seasoning and pour in the bottom of a serving bowl, pour a jar of salsa on top as the second layer, and then sprinkle with the mexican cheese mix for the top layer and serve with scoops for the best dipping results. Its always a hit, definitely give it a try!

Also, Melissa made these great puff pastry treats so definitely check them out on her blog, along with her account of the evening! She also brought along a new hummus that I have never tried before, a white bean and garlic hummus from trader joe’s, if you are a fan of hummus, you will love this definitely stop in and get some ASAP, you wont regret it, and its definitely more healthy than the mexican dip featured above!!

Apart from football it was great to catch up with these two, and we learned that even my apartment is kid friendly, shocking right? Ethan, their son, spent some time in this aweseome fort that he made under my desk, he’s a pretty creative kid, and was so fun to watch the game with, as an adult we constantly notice the errors in the game or the struggles of the team, Ethan was excited about every minute the Tigers had the ball, and the pure joy he experienced every time we put points on the board, no matter how we did it was awesome! But not as awesome as this fort!

All in all it was a great night, with great friends, with our little makeshift tailgate and indoor game viewing experience, AND it was all topped off with a Tiger victory!

picture from bleacherreport.com

Cant wait until this weekend to make a long awaited return to Death Valley for some awesome tailgating and tiger football! Stay tuned next week for an account of the events!



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