You are more beautiful than Cinderella….

…You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine.

I thought the most fitting way to start this post about bridesmaids was to ensure that I got a movie plug in early, so you’re welcome for that. Additionally, these were the qualifications for picking my bridesmaids, which eliminated most of you, because Im not sure what you smell like, so try not to be offended. Now that we have the shameless movie plug out of the way, we can get on to the meat of this post! I scoured the inter webs (aka pinterest and wedding gawker) to try to find the best way to ask my closest of friends to stand beside me on my special day. Like any young girl I started planning my wedding at a young age, and after I got pinterest last year everything was pretty much solidified. However, everything I saw involved a cute little poem or a hand written note, but being crafty and ambitions, I wanted to do something a little more. I found these block letter save the dates and decided it would be such a cute way to ask these special ladies to be a part of my special day!  Each girl received a package with 3 pieces:

a neatly packaged block puzzle and the correct instructions on cracking the wedding code!

A ringpop, because every pre-wedding gift needs a little nod to the engagement bling!

and a little note for personalization, which by the way I am obsessed with the stationary that I purchased at paper*source, and considering some of the other options I had to chose form that day I feel like my set of 10 for $14 was QUITE the steal!

So I am sure you are wanting to see these little puzzle but I thought I would share this labor of love (quite literally) with you! So, since I was making these by hand, I had to purchase and hand paint a set of 9 blocks for all six bridesmaids, yep, 54 cubes.

But, like I said, a labor of love, because David, being the wonderful man that he is, so kindly pitched in to help me paint all the blocks white before I could apply the colors to each side. He is such a gem! I surely picked a winner if he continues to help me out with all my tedious craft projects over the years, he set the bar high!

Each set of blocks had one side with their name on it, and then the remaining three sides, like I said, it came with instructions so they knew which order to turn the blocks over in. Additionally, it was really hard to freehand all the writing on the uneven blocks, foops! Not my best craft, but it was still really fun to make and even more fun to send out in the mail and wait for the responses!

Apart from the excited phone calls I was also tagged in a few cute little facebook posts, and then received this picture message on my phone, which was pretty comical, considering the sender.

Yeee, weddings are such a fun time if you like to feel loved and make lots of decisions (which I thought I would love, but has actually become a little overwhelming, more on that later!) So, if you are looking for a fun, cute way to ask that special someone to be a part of your special day, I hope this helps! I have seen lots of cute ideas, but I felt like this one was very me, and I hadn’t seen it done before. Although, I have to confess that my sister jokingly called to tell me she loved the box that released butterflies and doves  and played music when she opened it, similar to this one in Bridesmaids (sorry, another shameless plug, I just love that movie!!!!)

Ok, I have to admit this movie box is much better than mine, unfortunately I had to settle for the small brown shipping boxes I was able to find at Office Max, but I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t go on an extensive hunt trying to find the picture perfect shipping box for my packages…. similar to this one, so my sister was half right, curse my predictability!!!!


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