Food Friends & Football

All that David could ask for in celebrating his birthday weekend exists in the name of this blog post. This past week I was able to score some tickets to the first Clemson home game this past weekend, which was awesome since David’s birthday was on Sunday and he has been talking about wanting to go to a game all summer. So, on Friday evening we headed down to tigertown for a little football and fun with some of our friends from college.

Apart from actually going to the game, David only had one request for the weekends packed list of activities, stop at his favorite local BBQ joint, The Smoking Pig.


I am not even going to pretend like my mouth wasnt watering the entire ride to Clemson waiting to walk through the doors at the smokin pig and have some of that perfectly smoked and chopped BBQ. Its probably on my list of top 5 favorite places to eat. Its just good bbq and sides, you really cant beat it, it makes every day feel like fourth of july or memorial day (the only times I feel like I get legit homecooked bbq)

I made sure to savor every bite of my chopped pork sandwich until I couldn’t stuff another bite in my mouth, and then David ensured he savored the remaining bites of food on my plate, to ensure that no bite of deliciousness was left. Mmmm so good, Im sad just thinking about how long it will be until I get to go back. Then we headed to Clemson to meet up with some friends after first friday and perpare for the great Clemson past time, a Noon game with a 9 am tailgate…. one thing I, in fact, do not love about Clemson. After a night of prep we were tailgate ready and hit the hay early for our 8:30 am departure for the tailgate. I have to admit for getting up so early, we managed to look pretty top notch on the way out the door for a 9am tailgate!


I have to admit, thanks to the excellent shelf feature in the back of some kids SUV we were able to have a top notch tailgate set up, I mean…. one layer of food is awesome, but at 8am, two is always better.


So, about this tailgate, David and I made sure to make the approrpriate contributions since we were just piggy backing on some of my friends for the game, oops! But I have to admit, my little Clemson cookies were quite the hit, they were tiger paws and helmets with perfect Clemson orange icing, because Im good like that!


I also made boiled peanuts in the crockpot to bring, but they aren’t really a morning tailgate food, but they were pretty top notch, a little more salty than I would have liked, but the error was my own, for picking up the wrong back of peanuts (I accidentally picked up salted and roasted, not raw, OOPS!) but all things considered they turned out pretty well!


Here is a quick how-to for making your own game day boiled peanuts, make sure you plan ahead, because the cook time is 18 hours!!!! You will need 1.5 lbs of UNCOOKED peanuts, 1 galloon of water, and 5 ounces of kosher salt. Mix all the ingredients into a 5 or 6 ounce crockpot and cook on high for 18 hours, drain peanuts from remaining water, let cool then serve. These will keep up to 2 weeks if refrigerated, so enjoy!

As we all know, I cant do anything without causing a scene or having something dramatic happen, so here is your dose of drama for this post. While walking across campus on Saturday, my sandal broke when I tripped over this uneven piece of concrete on campus, merh. The thong literally came out of the sole of the shoe and it was just flopping around on my ankle, and since we were trying to find a restroom I had to march around with my shoe flopping off my ankle so I wouldn’t trip or have to put my feet on the nasty bathroom floor. But being the crafty person I am, my friends and I decided to pay a little visit to see if we could ghetto rig my shoes so I could make it to the game in “style”.

That looks pretty sturdy right!?!?!?! False, this quick fix lasted all of about 5 minutes and then I found myself on the sorority hall “borrowing” someones shower shoes they so kindly left for me in the bathroom outside the shower stall so that I could have shoes for the game…. kill me. Because we all know I hate shower shoes, so I was mortified and convinced the entire world was obviously checking out my shoes when they PROBABLY were not… but I guess the shower shoe was a better option than no shoe…. or my taped up shoe that wouldn’t hold up.

Oh well, always trying to lighten the mood I managed to find a gameday swag twin, who shared my similar taste in Gap dresses and sales this summer apparently! So of course we had to stop and take a picture together.

Please note: I do not know this person, annnnd we may or may not have been trying to get a picture of the two of us without her noticing when she turned around and saw us, I am awkward, and I dont hate it! My favorite thing about this picture is that we look like we have been friends for a while, which is false, and then I of course like the friend in the background giving off some second hand awkwardness in her photobomb. All in all a comical moment, captured on film to share with the masses.

Once  my shoe crisis was averted, we headed to the game, to sit in the sweltering heat, praying for the clouds to cover the sun and wait for some relief from the muggy nastyness. no such luck, and I now have the awkward sunburn and tan lines to prove it. Oh well! Clemson won and improved to #11 in the rankings this weekend! Woot! After the game we grabbed dinner and made sure to make an appearance downtown to celebrate Davids birthday and catch up with a few old friends, which, by the way, apparently in my post grad life, I forgot what it is like to be out past 11pm. foops! But, I dont hate it, I have found sleep to be overly gratifying in my life, haha! Finally we rounded off our weekend trip in Clemson with my favorite local spot, pot belly deli, for a top notch breakfast!


This is not on David’s list of preferred places to eat in Clemson, but I think I may have converted him on Sunday, which was lucky for me because it would have been awkward if he said he hated his first meal on his birthday, however the birthday dinner we cooked was top notch, more on that tomorrow! So, that was our mini vacay to Clemson this past weekend, clearly lots of food, friends and football to be had! Cant wait to go back for the next visit!


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