Five Fall Favorites

As the weather starts to turn, and my summer dresses and skirts give way to my fall wardrobe, I am always reminded what I love about pulling out those comfy cool weather clothes. Although, I think I probably say the same thing as the weather starts to warm up in the spring and I can start pulling back out my skirts and dresses. I think its that I hate to see my clothes hanging in my closet all sad and neglected when they aren’t in season. However, there is just something about fall that is better than any other season. I think its the crisp cool air, and the changing leaves and COLLEGE FOOTBAAAAALL, that just make it top notch, although apart from those things my closet also contains five things that I just cant wait to get my hands on once the summer ends and the temperature drops (although I have to admit, in North Carolina this takes much longer to happen than in most other places around the country)

1. scarves

I love scarves, I have way too many and I just keep adding to the collection, its a habit I can’t kick. I love solid scarves to wear with patterned shirts, and patterned scarves to wear with solid shirts, its just an addiction, and I don’t see an end in sight, and I don’t hate that. I already started wearing scarves with some of my shorts and cardigan combos, I just couldn’t resist the urge to break them out early this year, which is why they are number one on this list!

2. layers

Layering is awesome, one its functional, you can drop layers if it gets warmer during the day, AND it looks so cute. I love that people really play with patterns and color and textures when they layer, I think it looks so great! I am still trying to master my layering technique to get just the perfect set of staple separates to make every layered look seem perfectly styled and put together, even if it takes minimal effort on my part. I mean it just looks so comfy and casual, but STILL so put together, love it!

3. oversized  slouchy cardigans

I love slouchy cardigans, not necessarily to wear on a regular basis, but its my favorite staple for lounge wear or a casual day of running errands. I also love to wear it over my crazy dance clothes on the way into the studio, because its just to easy. AND again they just look like fall, all comfy and cozy waiting for some hot chocolate around a bonfire in the woods. Too perfect!

4. boots

I love boots, but my ginormous dance calves will not allow me to wear any cute ones so I just envy the closets of my friends as they bust out their cute fall wear every year that always includes this staple. One day I will find a pair that fits and is cute and by that I mean does not include freaking elastic…. UGH thats not fashionable, ever, thanks. But for now, David can rest happily knowing that I wont soon be adding one of his least favorite types of footwear to my collection.

5. coats

From my post last fall, I think we all remember how obsessed I am with coats, well…. mostly pea coats, I mean they are just so versatile and cute, and wonderful. I am obsessed with the one pictured above and am determined to somehow add it to my wardrobe this fall/winter. Its too lovely and perfect not to be hanging in my closet for everyday wear! I mean its like a coat and a scarf all in one, perfection. Must have this!


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