The Favors we Favor

I think it might just be me, but I have been really stressing over what to give as favors at our wedding in August. I mean I know its a little over 10 months away, but I just think about it all the time. I want something that is personal to the two of us, something that we both like, that people will think is fun and original, and per the request of David, something that provides instant gratification (which came about as a result of my requesting that we give one of our favorite treat recipes with all the dry ingredients in a bag or a jar, he promptly informed me that people did not want to have to make their favors, they just wanted to be able to enjoy them when they got them. Instant gratification) Needless to say we are still on the hunt for the perfect favor and I have pinned to my hearts content and picked several peoples’ brains, and I am still undecided. However, like any good wedding, we do know that we need to have koozies for our guests drink time enjoyment, so I took to the web to find a good website for them, and I wanted to be able to get them at a good price. BUUUUT I got really side tracked with this awesome website called custom ink that allowed you to make a little mock up right there…. soooo I thought I would share some of the more comical ones with all of you, because, who doesnt need a good laugh! Don’t worry, none of these will be making an appearance on drinks at our wedding!!

I thought we’d start with this one because its…. the most traditional and wedding related of all the ones we looked at…. well this one, and the one below….

I also appreciate the bathroom figurines on this one. So classy!

Although, David was quite the fan of these trout koozies……

While I was more into a comical representation of my former gang life in my college sorority:

Additionally we both appreciated the comedy of this approving cartoon couple on the front of our koozies!

Needless to say, once I found out that we could add all the different pictures on the front a lot of time was wasted trying to come up with some of the most comical designs we could, some that were maybe not blog or wedding appropriate. And, by the way, all of these pictures were included in the clip art section for weddings, with the exception of the fish and the theta…. but the theta one looks similar to a love knuckle one that we tried out as well! Definitely a fun website if you are looking to kill a few hours AND we did manage to find a design we both really liked, but we cant give it all away here! Stay tuned for more wedding updates as we keep planning and organizing, etc! 314 days to go!!!!!!


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