Movement Mondays – Double Dipping

If you didn’t catch the SYTYCD Finale this past week, you kiiiiind of missed out, because they decided to treat us to not only ONE group routine, BUT TWO! The first one at the opening of the show was amazing! It featured the top 20 all reunited, and it was awesome! I just loved it. It was so beautiful and majestic and wonderful! I love the costumes, the lighting, the movement…. EVERYTHIIIIIING! So beautiful, it might be one of my favorite dances from all 9 seasons!

This second one was the top 10 and the all-stars doing a tribute to the awesomeness of the Lion King, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon, ballin’ out of controooool! I could barely contain my excitement, although I will admit that the excitement of the crowd is sort of overwhelming and by that I mean…. I couldn’t hear the music so i felt like I was not getting the full effect, but I still found it to be AWESOME. Like I said, I think this immense love is partially attributed to a combination of some of my favorite things happening all at once (So you think you can dance, The Lion King, and a top notch Nappy-Tabs routine!). So, check this out and see if you are as impressed as I continue to be. I think you won’t be let down!


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