My Budding Obsession

I don’t know if any of you have picked up on the slow decline of TLC from a channel with semi educational programming to a channel educating people on the bizarre in the world. However, recently I have somehow fallen back into the TLC trap and I am developing a severe obsession with their new series Breaking Amish.

I can’t even lie, the obsession has kind of taken over my life. I have watched all the episodes and still cant even believe what I am watching. And I don’t think its that I am shocked how different their lives are, but its like “I cant believe they are doing they things they are doing” For example, they went to buy “English clothes” on the last episode, aka not Amish clothes, and one girl decided if she was going to dress english she needed to get some sexy lingerie. So awkward…. And then two of them decided they wanted to be models but they couldn’t do the swim suit portion of the casting call because they were not “swimsuit ready”….. TMI. I mean it is all I can do for my jaw not to drag the floor as I am watching this every time. Its literally unbelievable. Like I said, its not about what they didn’t do because they were Amish, but its what they are doing now…. because they no longer want to be Amish, its bizarre to say the least!  I think it might turn into some kind of Ex-Amish Jersey Shore type activity, which has the potential to be hilarious, next week they plan on going out together to drink. HAAAAA! I literally cant wait until next Sunday night, its epic! If you’re not watching it, you should be, its…. on a whole other level. And if you find that your curiosity cant be quenched TLC has started a vlog series called Amish 101 where the cast breaks down all the ins and outs of Amish life and answers lots of questions people have. Although one of the biggest questions that has come up since the shows first episode, which aired on September 9, is the question of legitimacy in the casting and their situations. Some sources are saying this is not the cast’s fist soiree outside of their closed communities, and that two of the characters actually already have a child together, one was previously a model, and another is also married. So, it will be interesting to watch and see how TLC handles this situation, since I am sure they haven’t seen a ratings hike similar to the ones they have had lately with the combination of Breaking Amish and Honey Boo Boo, so I think if they are found out to be reality TV frauds, they could be down for the count. I mean they also have groups like this one on facebook, watching their every move and trying to discount their credibility. So we will see how this pans out! But for now I will just keep watching this approaching train wreck because I don’t see the drama easing up any time soon!


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