Aging Tastes

Tuesday was my 23rd birthday, wahoooo! I guess this year is a big one for me, even though 21 or 25 is suppose to be my best friend managed to point out to me that this year will be my last birthday before I get married (aaaaahhh!!!!) And, its my first birthday I have celebrated since graduating college, which I have to admit is kind of a downer, it takes you out of the “instant party element” where at 10pm on the night of your birthday you can text 10 of your friends to meet you downtown for drinks or make a little facebook event to get as many people there to celebrate with you at the last minute.

I mean nothing really compares to the EPICness of your 21st birthday, ever. Its like its the first time anyone and everyone wanted to celebrate your birthday, no matter what, probably because it was an excuse for them to act like a bunch of fools. BUT its probably the best night of your life you barely remember.

I mean, compare this picture of my 21st birthday to the one below of my 22nd. A nice quiet dinner after a football game at a Mexican restaurant, cake included. Much more low key, and if that was low key, then this year was like a private party….

….but I have to admit I kiiiiind of liked it! I have been having this conversation with a few people lately but birthdays are kind of like valentine’s day and new years (says my friend Katy) our reasoning behind this? You always build of these expectations of what it should be like or what you would like it be like, and its never really what you thought in your mind, whether its better or worse, its never really what you imagined, and shes right! This year David was going to take me to a sushi restaurant I have been wanting to try in Charlotte, and when he called to make a reservation they informed us that for efficiency purposes they do not allow you to make reservations after 6pm….. which is probably why I was so astonished and angry when they told us that the wait was 45 minutes, to me, this seems like the opposite of efficiency. So we ended up changing our plans at the last minute, again, not what I expected but we did go indulge ourselves at the cheesecake factory so it all worked out in the end. We had also previously agreed that nothing was going to be as delicious as the meal we ate Friday night with my parents at our favorite restaurant in Augusta, potentially the best food I have ever eaten in my life, which is what I say every time I eat there. Apart from indulging myself in a variety of delicious meals, I also received gifts fit for my adult life aka things for the kitchen and money!

haha! I mean, I was excited about them so I guess in my tastes are aging just like me! I also got a new lilly planner, this year, for the first time, I downgraded to the smaller size because they didnt have the medium size at the Lilly Store in South Park only the small and the large (which was strange). I opted for the smaller one for easy carrying and wedding planning! David also got me Lara Spencer’s new book “I Brake for Yard Sales” all about thrifting and refurbishing, and decorating on a budget, I literally cant wait to read it, because I am hoping it will be the manual for my future life! I also used some of my birthday money to treat myself to some new boots, which I got for 50% off, Happy Birthday to me! And then I got a cute new dress I might wear for engagement pictures and some jewelry, all on sale, so now I can use the rest of my birthday money for really fun things, such as…. paying my rent or my cable bill. Yep, 23 the year of adult life and my last year of unmarriedness. Crazytown! Heres to another year of fun, love, good health, and good times!


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