Movement Mondays – Repeat Offender

Guilty as charged! As a choreographer, I KNOW that I do this, but it was still a fun video to watch. Someone on youtube compiled a video of the most common used dance moves of Abby Miller, back to back. Clearly this person knows nothing about dance because it ended up being a highlight reel of all her dancers best tricks, which is PROBABLY why she is including them in every single dance she does…. because they rack up points like CRAAAAZY! I would hate to think if someone did this with one of my dances, it might be laughable, or make it look like I actually have no idea what I am doing, but hey, we’ve all been there… theres that gap in the music before your next section, and you pull out that list of fall back moves and plug in the one that fits best. Oh well! However despite my frustration with the persons uneducated making of this video, I thought I would provide you with a little monday morning comedy, Enjoy!


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