Blue Ridge Blues

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, after our little apple picking adventure we thought it would be fun if we took a scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoy the nature. First of all, I have to admit that David is quite the Navigator because if I had tried to get us from the apple orchard to the Blue Ridge parkway based on my existing knowledge and minimal map usage we would have ended up, most likely, in another state entirely. However, his navigation didnt make up for the lack of planning he convinced me into. We thought it would be fun to stop at a look out or somewhere really pretty and have a semi picnic lunch, so my first thought was, dang I wish I had a basket, and we need to go buy some bread. However we settled on picking up subs and chips at a grocery store instead, but I thought hey lets do it tonight or in the morning before we leave, but he said to avoid needing coolers and extra stuff, we should just stop and grab a sandwich or lunch somewhere in the mountains…. TADA…. not too many places to stop and grab a sandwich between the apple orchard and the Blue Ridge Parkway, if you can imagine, but we managed to find and Ingles and grabbed some subs there, which, to Davids defense ended up working out fine, BUT…. just did not present itself in timely manner. However, despite that minor hiccup, our little Parkway journey was quite enjoyable.

If only it had been a few weeks later and we could have been cruising the winding roads with the walls of changing leaves on either side of us. i have to say that the one/two week span when the leaves are changing before that start to fall off the trees has to be my favorite time of year. I wish it lasted a whole month for extended enjoyment, And it definitely has to be one of the things I will miss most about Clemson this fall. I was always convinced Clemson had the best sunsets and the best fall leaves! We did managed to find a nice little stream to hike to and of course David had to stop and check out his friends, the trouts and other fish, just in case he forgot what they looked like.

It was good to get out and walk around in the peace and quiet considering how hectic things has been at the apple orchard, it was like we were on a whole other planet, even though we were about 30 minutes away. So weird. But we made sure to stop and get a picture so people would believe we actually went for a little stroll/hike in the woods (MOM and RACHEL!) And I needed to give david a change to practice his one handed photog. skills from his high school days.

after we hiked the little trail back to the car, we drove a little further before the bottom dropped out….At this point we still hadn’t found somewhere to stop and eat so we stopped and ate at the welcome center in the parking lot while it monsooned. Of course I had just finished telling David that even though it wasn’t sunny, that the weather hadn’t really hindered our day… and then BOOM. I spoke too soon, but its always an adventure with us, so we weren’t too off put by the inconvenience of the weather! Maybe next time it will be nicer out and we can get in a better hike, and a better picnic! 


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