12 Crafts of Christmas- Twine Balls

I know I know, its only October 5, but bear with me. For those of you who AREN’T keeping tabs, Christmas is about 12 weeks away, and so as not to overwhelm you all at once, I am going to post on fun Christmas craft project every week from now until Christmas. The first few are probably going to be about making ornaments since I will need all new ornaments for my tree this year. Not that I don’t love my Clemson themed Tree that has lived in my dorm room or apartment every year since I started college, but I think its probably time for an upgrade. Maybe David and I can bring back that tree next Christmas when we have more room and maybe a better selection of Clemson Ornaments…. actually from Clemson or something!  But any who. I am thinking I am going to do this tree in red cream and silver so that will probably be the colors most of my crafts will be in, but you can do them in whatever color you want! This first one is a pretty popular pinterest craft so I thought I would give it a whirl and share it with you guys. This one got kind of messy so I recommend keeping it somewhere thats easy to clean up or spreading a tarp on the floor. I did mine in the bathroom with a tarp spread over the floor for two reasons, one it would be easy to clean if I made a mess in the floor, and two I wanted to use the shower curtain rod as a place for them to hang and dry. 

All you need for this craft is some mod podge, whatever color twine or yarn you want to use, and some balloons. The original post I read give a recipe for some kind of goop to make kind of like when you do paper mache, but why make it when you can buy it in a jar already mixed up for you? Anywho, once you collect all your supplies, blow up the balloons to the size you want your final product.

I did mine a little larger because I am just making 6-8 to kind of be accent pieces on my tree, but if you do them smaller you might want to make more. its totally up to you. I also made mine a little large so that the balloon was a little more round than oblong shaped. Then I poured some of the mod podge onto a paper plate and soaked some of the string into it.

Tip: don’t lay the string on top of itself, knots and frustration are sure to ensue. (aka, dont do what this picture looks like) I found that if you spiral the string on the the plate it works really well and just kind of tap it town into the mod podge. This next part is the tricky part, and because its also the messy part I obviously dont have a picture of me doing it. What you want to do is use your thumb and pointer finger to run the mod podge covered string between to remove all the excess. Another trick I found that worked best for me was to coat my fingers in the mod podge and then just coat the string as it passed through my fingers as I was wrapping it on to the balloon, Its really just a matter of the easiest way for you to get the twine around the balloon without alot of extra mod podge on it! This takes lots of patience and is kind of messy!



As your wraping try to be mindful of large holes and areas where you may have a lot of twine, because this is going to effect the shape if there isnt enough structure to hold the shape, so keep that in mind! I also made mine pretty dense, because, well, I just liked it better that way!

So, once I got all my balloons warpped up, I left them hanging on the shower curtain rod over night to dry. Yes, this is an over night drying kind of thing because if you pop it too early, the whole thing will collapse and trust me, you’ll be mad if that happens.

The next morning I popped the balloons, this is also rather messy because all the mod podge that is dried up but not stuck to the string gets everywhere so maybe do this over a sink or over the same tarp… not in the carpet like I did. oops! But once you pop them it takes a little fenangling to get the balloon out and if you to manage to kind of crush in one side, they are pretty easy to poke back out so no worries! Then I just added a little ribbon to the top of mine for a pop of color and when it comes time to hang it on the tree I will run a hook through the top of the bow and there ya go! Pretty simple!

I can’t wait to finish them all up and hang them on my tree! I am debating making a few in red as well! We will see. Happy Crafting!


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