You Light up my Life

Ooooh, the things I would do if I had an obscene amount of money to spend on fun decorating pieces. I have been mulling over a specific addition to my bedroom decor for the past couple weeks and then I got a sale email from West Elm this morning about all their lighting fixtures being on sale, and NOW I can’t stop thinking about it. Well really it was….tons of stuff on sale, so I am sure by the time I finish perusing the sale section I’ll be really depressed that even at their 70% off price I still can’t afford them. So, let me let you in on my little… well kind of little idea. Remember this shot of my headboard, bed, etc?

Please note the HUGE white space over the bed. I like to think that my decorating style adopts the promise of no wall left untreated. Which is really hard to deal with in an apartment where you cant paint. Sometimes, despite all the decor I still feel like I will never truly “love” the decor of this apartment because its all I can do to resist slapping some paint on the walls. Next time I move I need to find somewhere that at least has neutral colored walls, so I don’t feel like I am in some kind of institution. Anywho wall color is NOT the point of this post. It might just help my desire to spend money to spice up that wall behind my bed. BUT what I really want is to find a set of 3 AWESOME hanging light fixtures, maybe some kind of old lantern. I realize they would have to be a pretty specific color to look good with this head board, but maybe when I change things up for my next place I can manage to get my hands on some light fixtures. But I found some on the West Elm site that I am obsessed with!

I LOVE these bubble lanterns they are PHENOMENAL! I like the color, and the shape, and the fact that the glass is not just flat inside the wire cage, AND that the may or may not look kind of like mason jars… I mean not a lot, but you know what I mean, and we all know how I love a good mason jar!

For another take on it, I also love these, not that I would ever light the candles, but I love the wire look of it, its kind of rustic without being old and falling apart.  I mostly like the one in the back that is more round. Not that I don’t like the two in the front, but I feel like the round one looks a little more luxurious. Of course I might be able to afford those, they are on sale for only $39.99 at West Elm. buuuut I would want 3, and again, doesn’t quote go with the color scheme of my current decor. The website also says they are hanging lanterns but I don’t know how they hang up…. since they are not pictured that way.

I also LOVE these jar lights, also from West Elm. But they are NOT on sale. Depressing. So they are $99. I would definitely be waiting on those to go on the sale page! But, I really like the combination of the tall and the short in the picture but I think I would pick the short ones for my little display. because I don’t want those larger ones hanging form the ceiling over my bed.

These aren’t my FAVORITE, but I really like how you can see that the blown glass was literally blown into the wire cage. It means that everyone is going to be different and it provides a cool aesthetic element to any room!

I also loooooove these perforated globe pendants. Imagine the cool designs it will cast on the walls, and the fact that it will provide soft lighting, not really bright lighting like a typical pendant light beaming down right on top of you. Amazing. Everyone should have one. Again, from West Elm and NOT on sale.

Ok, moving on from West Elm, some other great places for lighting: Ikea! They have some pretty stylish lights at much more affordable prices, so they will probably be my go to when the time comes, because lets be honest, I can’t imagine coughing up the kind of money it would take to get the beautiful, lights I want from West Elm if they aren’t on super sale. But look at this little montage of pendant lights from Ikea, not to shabby!

I also love these FILLSTA lights from ikea, they would actually go really well with the decor in my current room annnd they are only $29.99 and I have an IKEA gift card so they might be making an appearance in my room very very soon. I think I could get away with having just two of them because they are kind of big. but I love the texture and everything about them, the soft lighting, the fact that they will come with one of those frustrating instruction manuals that David will have to help me interpret in order for us to hang them, and all kinds of other things!

Also this BÖJA wicker pendant is awesome for the rustic country look or just a big statement light in the middle of the room. Another great IKEA find for about $60. I meaaaan consider what you’d pay for it somewhere else…. Pretty good price, but you can only buy this bad boy in the stores, not on line, BUT imagine how awesome it would be in your home. The correct answer is, REALLY awesome!

Additionally I found this tutorial on line so, if you’re feeling crafty, and want to save a few bucks, click here to see how the folks over at DO or DIY recreated the lantern trend for a mere $5! Its pretty awesome! Definitely the best option if you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty!


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