12 Crafts of Christmas – Door Hangers

I have been perusing several wreaths lately. I am working on a new fall wreath, but thats a craft post for another day. I Also, still have my summer wreath hanging on my door, and its KILLING ME, so I cant wait to get this new one finished!!! But, in my searching for a new idea for y door, I came across lots of fun Christmas wreaths! I haven’t made these, YET, but, most of them are on my to-do list for myself or family and friends for the holidays, though!

ok, I lied this first one doesnt have the tutorial because I could not find it, but it seems pretty self explanitory right? Buy the ring, cover it in ribbon, attach the candy canes, tie the ribbon on for the door hanger and enjoy!

Or, if you want one with the similar look that smells awesome, and looks a little more natural, try it with these cinnamon sticks, YUM!

I also love this one, because you can use any color scheme you want and I love Christmas ornaments, so this one is right up my ally, it will probably be the wreath I try to make, but maybe to match my decor a little better! This one actually has the tutorial, so make sure you click the pic to see how its done!

Again, no tutorial for this one, again, sorry, but I would imagine its a floral wreath form with the wine corks attached, a great way to use all those you have laying around (or maybe I’m the only one saving them waiting for the perfect craft to pop up!) Anywho, attach the corks, strategically place the berries to look pretty, attach some greenry and some christmas ornaments and voila! An awesome Christmas wreath!

I am also not even going to pretend I know how to make this one, but I LOVE it and want to learn how! I did find this tutorial on pinterest for a similar project if you’d like to give it a whirl! Or, if not, check the wreath below, and others, out on Etsy!

Finally, on to my craft project for the week, I know its not necessarily Christmas colors, I actually made this as a wedding gift, but I think its such a great door hang, and its so fun, and super easy to make! I bought the large letter at Hobby Lobby, bought a couple spools of yarn, and these cute prefabed flowers, I made the brown one, and the leaves, and the bow, but you don’t need much to make this happen!

So I used this helpful little hint to make sure I covered all my bases when wrapping the letter in yarn, Which took a while, AND I only got this far before having to grab another spool of yarn!

If you are shocked, or thinking that I have been double wrapping, you are sorely underestimating the sheer size of this letter. Its… quite large. Anywho after many hours of wrapping and securing with my favorite craft supply (hot glue!) I finally got it all wrapped up!

Then I added the little flowers, and the bow on the top to use to hang it on the door, and BAM! a fun door hang, perfect to personalize your new place, and great for all year round! I tried to stick with more of a fall look since thats when I gave it to them, but, ya know, the maroon and cream could work for christmas!

If you wanted to make this even more festive, I have seen letters wrapped in Garland, either the green kind or the metallic kind with some christmas ornaments, bows etc on it! So there are lots of options! As always, happy crafting!


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