The 12 Crafts of Christmas: Stockings

Yes, I made my own Christmas stockings, AND I did it all without some kind of special kit! I thought it would be fun to have some cute little stockings for David and I to hang up that kind of matched what I had going on in my apartment (because lets be honest, David doesn’t even really decorate for Christmas) and I wasn’t able to find anything that caught my eye when I was out and about looking, SO, I thought a great way to get exactly what I wanted was to make it! AND then I could share it with you here, ya know, kill two birds with one stone. So, I found this great tutorial from Diary of a Quilter  about how to make a simple christmas stocking, and it really was easy, I was actually surprised! The site even has a great pattern you can print out, but I did not have a printer so I just drew one up really quickly and called it a day! But, here is a quick run down of how I made it all happen, and if I had a sewing machine I probably could have done this little activity in about an hour or two.

What you’ll need:
– 2 yards of two different fabrics, an exterior and a lining
– sewing machine, or needle and thread
– any ruffles or extra touches you might want to add to your stocking
– a piece of poster board to make a pattern

After I drew out my pattern I traced the boot onto my fabric, as you can see the boot is disproportionate, SO needless to say there was some extra trimming of fabric to get it the right shape, which is why I recommend downloading the pattern from the link above. I made two stockings so I had to cut the pattern 4 times in EACH fabric, the outside fabric, which was my red burlap, and the inside fabric, which was a cream color.

I found  this stocking online that had a cute little tree stitched on the outside, which I knew I could replicate fairly easily, so I stitched that on to what would have been the front of one of the red pieces.

Then you lay the two outside pieces and two inside pieces on top of each other. Make sure that the parts that will be showing when the stocking is finished are facing each other, so you are sewing on the inside and can hide the seams!  At this point you want to stitch the two colors together along the seam so that they are attached, end to end.

Then do a quick stitch around the seams. I double stitched my burlap because the treads were already coming undone, so I wanted to be better safe than sorry! Also make sure you leave a little space so you can turn everything right side out, kind of like when you make a throw pillow. She then recommends cutting off the excess, which I did, and then cutting notches in the toe, which I did NOT do, but now also recommend, if ya get my drift. 

Next you want to turn everything right side out, see how my little tree is showing now! And then do a quick stitch to close up the hole you used to turn the stocking right side out, you should have something that looks kind of like the above picture!

The you want to stuff the lining into the outer part of the stocking

Next, I folded down the seam to hide the raw edges and give it that traditional christmas stocking look.

Then I used some cute little buttons I got from hobby Lobby to decorate the tree, I saved all the girly looking buttons and put them on my stocking, since we don’t have them monogrammed or anything to know which is which! Then I added a loop of the cream colored fabric to the corner so I can use it to hang on a hook and, there you have it! Some crafty Christmas stockings!


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