Upscale Upcycle

Today’s post comes to you all with a BIG thank you to my friend Morgan. She and I attended Clemson together where we both studied Graphics, and she is now living and working in Charleston, SC. You can check out her talents on her graphic design blog and see what else shes up to, she posts all of her freelance and design work here, so if your on the hunt for someone to do some freelance for you, she can definitely help you out! Now, onto the reason for the post, as most of you know, my home decor projects kind of came to a SCREECHING halt when I finished decorating my apartment after I moved in in April. This is PROBABLY why I was so ecstatic when Morgan posted her awesome upcycle on Facebook the other day! She recently completed a coffee table she made from old moving and shipping pallets. It looks great! I love the color, the proportions, the height, everything about it! So, I got her to write up a little tutorial so I could share it with you guys here. So, here is a sneak peak at Morgans awesome re-do and some tips on how to make this happen in your home! Happy DIY-ing!

Find two pallets that are in good condition, the ones I used were made of pine, and then sand the top piece of the table with a sander until it is smooth.

Stain the top part of the pallet and anywhere else that you think will show through after  sanding. I choose a dark wood color to really make the colors pop at the end of the project, and then stained the entire top piece and the sides of the bottom piece.

Now for the fun part… finding the legs for the table. I wanted my table to be completely up-cycled, and I found an old table someone left on the side of the road, and got the legs from that!

This next part of the project really requires two people, first take the legs off the old table and then bolt them to the pallet table, Pat helped me bolt the legs onto the pallet table, and it definitely required a lot of patience.

After the table is put together, you can pick out the paint colors you wish to use. If you stain the top of the pallet with oil based stain, the paint you use has to be oil based in order to adhere.  I went to Ace Hardware and picked out two colors. The first color, which is the base color, is casual white. The second color, which is painted on top of the casual white, is winners circle. Make sure you have some paint brushes that you can throw away. I purchased the cheap paint brushes because once you use them with oil based paint; the brushes cannot be used again

Now comes the fun part. Painting the table (Faster with two people.)! We gave the bottom pallet table two coats of casual white because I really wanted the white to stand out. Once dry, we painted the whole table winners circle, besides the inside drawer areas of the table. Then we brushed casual white in random places all over the top, sides, and legs of the table.

Next is one of the more tedious parts of the project, sanding (I would have two people sand to make it faster!). We used 120 grit sandpaper. The key to sanding is really getting the edges of the pallet and anywhere you think would make the piece look aged. Everywhere you use the casual white; you should sand that area to really give it the distressed look. All the corners of the legs should be sanded. Remember, you can always sand more, but it’s harder to go back…so sand a little, and then examine to see where you should sand more. This all depends on how distressed you want the piece to look. Lastly, wipe down the whole pallet table with a microfiber cloth. I dampened the cloth to really get it the dust off.

9. Now, here comes the tricky part, the Minwax Simi Gloss Polyurethane finish. Pat and I had to work as a team for this final step. We used a sponge brush and old rag. I stroked on the polyurethane finish and pat lightly used the rag to wipe some of the stain off. This process has to do with how aged you want the pallet table to look. We let the stain sit for about 30 seconds then wiped off some of the stain to let the blue-green color come through. If you are nervous about this part, maybe test it out on an area that will not show as much. Then see how you like it.

Finally, put the pallet table in your living room and show it off! Wow, hard work pays off! Enjoy!

Ok, don’t you guys just love this?! I think it turned out so perfect, and its great for a house in Charleston, it gives it that perfect southern beachy feel. Im so excited Morgan let me share this with you all! And don’t forget to check out her other creative side here!



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