The 12 Crafts of Christmas: Card Tree

If your house is anything like mine, at Christmas time your mailbox is overflowing with cards from loved ones… not so loved ones… and those people you know but haven’t talked to in years, but they still have your address so you still get a card. At least thats the way I think things worked with my parents Christmas cards while I was living at home. I always wondered what the point was, I guess its a great way to show how your family has changed or grown over the year on the senders end, but on the receiving end I was always thinking “well, what are we going to do with these, we can’t… throw them away, what if the senders come over?” So we always kept them neatly displayed in a basket on the hearth. But, I thought there had to be a better way to display them, I mean people do go to all the trouble of making them and sending them out, etc etc. So I decided I would make a little tree that I could attach all my cards to! I mean I dont really plan on having an abundant amount of christmas cards sent to my address, so I may gift this to someone else who might find it more useful or just hang it up to add some more Christmas PIZZAZ to my place,we’ll see how Im feeling come black friday (aka the day the decorations come out!)

So, let me give you kind of a sneak peak as to WHAT were making so the tutorial makes a little more sense as I am walking you through it, but all in all, this project took me like an hour to complete, and part of that was spent popping dinner in the oven, watching Long Island Medium, and a few trial and error situations before deciding on a final design, so probably not even an hour!

All you need is 3- 3 yard packs of wire from Michaels I used kind of a copper color, but they had silver, some pinkish color, whatever you want. And I used 16 gauge because I wanted something a little more hefty but still pliable. Also, please note that the shape matches my christmas trees on the stockings I made for David and I, this is on purpose, I love coordination! Also, pat me on the back, one of my cheapest craft projects yet, I spent no more than $10 for everything for this project!

So, start with the center “trunk” I guess is the best way to describe it. I didn’t discover my twisting technique until later, but you’ll want to use it on the center too, because it makes the wire less likely to bend while you’re working with it. So, what you’ll want to do is decide on the height you want your tree to be. I jsut kind of eyeballed it, but if you have somewhere you want it to hang, etc make sure its not too long or too short. Then pull the length of wire out that you need and double it up.

Then, grab the looped in and start to twist the wires around them selves, like your winding something up, at first it will be really loose…

Then keep twisting so that the loop on the end gets smaller, I kept pulling mine to make it more oblong so I could get extra slack for more twisting, like I said, the more twist you get, the stronger the branches and trunk will be. So, eventually you will get something that looks like this! (ps. sorry for the weird backgrounds, its on a pile of posterboard for another project… because the wire was only one shade lighter than the carpet so you couldn’t really see the pics)

I would recommend twisting another length of wire on the trunk to make it a triple strength, because everything rests on this and wraps around it. Then, I doubled up a little of the wire on the top to make a loop, this is to use to hang the tree and to tie the bow on top of! Then I wrapped the wire around itself on the loop to keep it from pulling loose. To make the branches I started at the top of the tree, with the shortest ones.

What you want to do is double the wire and twist it to get it the right length on one side, then wrap the wire around the base a time or two and repeat the process with the same length for the other side. Then you want to wind the wire down the base of the tree to get to the next level, making the branches a little longer. Repeat this process until you finish your tree.

To make the base, I did a few shorter “branches” down at the bottom and them rolled them up on top of each other and wrapped the rest of the wire around it. Its not….the prettiest thing, but it gets the look across, “I am the tree stand”

Then I added a bow, and attached some notes, for show and tell. Sorry about the ugly binder clips, I am on the hunt for some tiny clothes pins, which I might attach bows or little beads to so they look like ornaments on the tree, even without letters attached to it, but again, I figured this got the point across. Once I find the right clips I will be sure to inform you all!

So, I hope I have solved your Christmas card dilemma! Like I said, this is super easy, super cheap, and a great way to get those cards off your end table or your fridge and use them to spruce up your home for the holidays! Happy Crafting!!


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