Happy Halloween!

Hello all my halloween ghouls and goblins! I hope you are all excited for some trick-or-treating and costume gawking tonight! I know I am, well not the trick-or-treating part, but I always find Halloween people watching to be quite enjoyable! But enough about tonight, I thought today it was only fitting to show you guys pictures of our weekend of Halloween festivities, and our fun costumes. We probably could have gone as a photo booth with all the props we had on sticks for the parties, but ya know, you gotta do what you gotta do. I spent all week working on my Honey Boo Boo get up, because I was determined for people to know exactly who I was and to look as much like dearest Honey Boo Boo as possible. So I decided to rhinestone my whole costume, and make a giant crown, like the ones they win on toddlers and tiaras, and then of course I needed a sash to complete my look, and help all the fools out, who couldn’t figure out my costume without a little help. As for David he grabbed what he could at the store and then threw together the rest of his props for Yukon Cornelius in about 20 minutes. But I have to say it turned out pretty well!!


So, after some hard work and a lot of gluing, and frustrated mutters, I was finally ready for halloween, oh and then there was the extended battle with my curling iron while I was getting ready, sometimes my hair just really doesn’t cooperate, but ready or not…. HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO!



and, I somehow managed to not caputre a solo shot of david, or I think we have one on his ipad but it never made it to my email so, here is a picture of us together, and my aunt has the one of him with his mustache, I know I know, I am really letting you guys down, but I tried!


That blur is David, being a child, and waving around his toy gun, which BY THE WAY, belonged to our friend Rob, and it was his dad’s from the 1960’s as he reminded us every time someone touched it. Since I didnt bring you guys a picture of David’s complete look, I thought I’d make it up to you by sharing a pic of David’s friend Rob, who dressed like Robo Cop but made his WHOLE costume from beer boxes. AWESOME!


I wish I had the shoes, they were made of the boxes too, but he could walk in them, apparently he worked on his costume for like a month, soooo he wins. Although, I did appreciate he and Katniss, and their love of my crown! Lots of cross dressing going on here…..


Soeaking of cross dressing Saturday night we went to a party at my aunts and a guy dressed like a lady and I dont mean in drag, he just wore a suffed bra and a floral print halter dress, a wig, and some fancy sandals. He was quite the hit. Also apparently pigs in the blanket was a popular costume this year because there was one at each party we went to. Also, lots of witches, and couples costumes (bleh). So, all in all it was an enojyable weekend and we got some good use out of our halloween costumes! If you ever need to look like Honey Boo Boo, let me know! I cant hook ya up! Also, I think we are going to save all our stick props for the photo booth at our wedding so we have less to make! Multipurpose! Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween! See ya in Novemeber!

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