12 Crafts of Christmas – Tablescapes

I might be the only nerd who loves this, but one of my favorite things to do is make centerpieces and tablescapes, especially around the holidays! Its so much fun. I like to think of new creative ways to jazz up the center of the table, whether its with sticks, or candles, or christmas tree ornaments, but my goal is to always be cost effective. So, this week I wanted to see how little I could spend for this table decor. I used some empty winer bottles I had put in the recycle but hadn’t taken out, and then I bought the other 4 pieces at the dollar tree and the glitter for like 5 bucks at hobby lobby, and a sheet of letter stickers. I also already had the white and silver paint, but if you have to buy them, also not too expensive. So I got everything I needed for like $10.

I started off with two wine bottles, and I needed to remove the lables, so, first I cut of the foil wrapper around the neck, and then soaked them in HOT HOT HOT water for about 30 or 45 minutes and the labels just pull right off, if you still have some glue residue on the bottle, just use a sponge to rub it off under the hot water. easy peasy.

Then I painted the outsides of the bottles a silver color, this took abouuuuut 6 or 7 layers of paint, so patience is necessary. I wanted to make sure that I had a pretty even layer of paint since this would be base coat for the rest of the project. So, lay it on thick, you can use any color you like, I just like the silver!

Then I used some stickers to spell out Happy and Holidays on each bottle

Then I painted over them with a few layers of white, let them dry and then removed the stickers to reveal the words. I like the slight difference in the color, its not as abrupt as a red or a green, its just clean and crisp. (Also, I didnt let the paint dry enough before peeling off the stickers, soooo it peeled off half the paint on the back side, I will try this again and post a better picture for you, but let them dry over night before trying to remove them!) However, after it was too late to save my own project I did remember a trick I learned at those “paint your own pottery” places, you cut out the shape you want and apply it with a water and sponge to the area then paint over it and remove, since its not adhesive it will remove a lot easier, hopefully if you give this one a try, that trick will work a little better for ya!

And since everything was so white and simple, I decided that for the other pieces I would stick to the same palette.

At the dollar tree I bought a few different globes to hold candles and then painted them with one layer of the metallic silver paint, just enough to make the glass look frosted.

Then I put a thick coat of mod podge on each and rolled them in white glitter, so they really sparkle when the candles are in side of them! Like glistening snow!

I organized them on the table, added some of my tree topper materials that I had laying around in the wine glasses and containers and put tea light candles in the others, and then was ready for guests…too bad I did this at like 9 on a thursday night haha!

I also love all these centerpieces I found on Pinterest, hopefully they will inspire your next holiday gathering!

Also, a quick little update to last weeks post, I did find some great little clothespins at papersource to use on my christmas card tree! They were perfect and I got 25 for like $3, perfect solution, and they had a few different colors to choose from, but I just went with Christmas red to mach my bow, so cute!


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