Wedding Wonderment!

So, it has been a while since my last weedding post and to keep from writing a post about every mind numbing detail, I figured I would post every month or so with a few updates and any fun things we might be doing in regards to wedding planning! So I have found my dress (YIPPEE!) but no posting about that here, you have to wait until August to find out about that one, but I will say I do like to talk very generally about it when David is around because I find his  discomfort to be comical! Anywho, I also went with my sister to find the perfect bridesmaid dress, and we did! She very much enjoyed trying on lots of different looks and having everyone judge her, NOT!

Theres nothing like trying on clothes and not getting to pick what you’re actually going to wear, because lets be honest, sometimes I don’t even like to try on clothes when i do have the final say in what I will be wearing! We did settle on a dress we both liked and I decided were going to go with navy for our classy 6pm church wedding! Woot!


Sorry for the lame sepia toned instagram pic, but the color of the dress was this weird sage green, so I decided it was easier to imagine it in navy if you didnt see the original pic, and I OBVIOUSLY instagrammed this as it was happening because I am addicted!

We have also been collecting a large number of sample wedding invitations, because being the print snobs we are, we have been very picky. I think we have narrowed it down to one, I just got the sample last week so we are seeing what personalizations, if any can be made to the fonts and wording, etc, but hopefully we will have those picked out and ordered before the holidays! Additionally, I am very unsatisfied with the large number of “designers” on etsy using “shimmer paper” its the ugliest thing ever and I think it really cheapens the look of the invitations and they keep selling it as an elegant way to improve the look of the invitations, and its not. UGH. So, needless to say a few of the designs we looked at we didn’t choose specifically because of the glitter paper. Also, I am sad to report that in lieu of sticking to the budget, we have decided to NOT get letter press invitations, I am sad. But 2 or 3 thousand dollars for invitations is a little excessive, so we’re looking to go simple and classy!

We also have our venues all booked for the big day! Our goal is to have all the major pieces into place before the end of the year, and we’re well on our way, I think were pretty set on a caterer, and have alreayd picked a florist, now for music, and cake, and dressing David and we will be all set, and then the fun part of filling in all the little details! But the ceremony will be at my church, Fairview, and the reception will be at the River Room! In case you voted in the previous post when we showed all the venues we looked at!


ceremony location!




reception entry way!

The grand staircase! (my favorite part)


The ball room, all set up for someone else’s wedding haha!

Also, David was obviously jealous of my little bridesmaids gift boxes that I sent to all of them when I asked them to be in the wedding, so we did up some little cards that were more manly for all the groomsmen! But I think it worked out well, they look classy and manly. Success.

And finally a few weekends ago David and I were invited to a wedding registry party at crate and barrel, where they opened a few hours early and invited local engaged couples to come in for refreshments, and some wedding registry making!

It was so much fun and even David got into it! They had this awesome app where you could just scan the barcodes on the item and just add it to your registry without even needing one of those in store scanners. It was awesome because there were quite a few couples there, so we didn’t have to spend all morning waiting on a scanner just to get started.

We also found this AWESOME living room set that we have made it our life goal to own (at least the sofa and the chair, and maybe some of the accessories, haha! But it totally our style and so plush and comfy. So donations are being taken for the awesome new living room fund, from now until we can afford to purchase it. 

Also we went and took engagement pictures this past weekend and did some other fun wedding things, but its a secret, until were ready to share it with you! So once we get our pictures back and the other thing, I will be sure to share it all with you here,  so get excited!!!!!! Yay weddings!


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