12 Crafts of Christmas – Holiday “Light Box”

In case you transform your home at Christmas, in the same way we do, I thought you might need more than a tree ornament or somewhere to store all those Christmas cards. So, I found this cute little project and couldn’t resist! This is a quick fix and will spice up the mantle or hall table you have been trying to decorate for the last few years. All you’ll need to make it happen is a canvas with thick boards on the back, two different paint colors and a strand of christmas lights. So, you can pick any christmas carol lyrics you like, I used a clip from “white christmas” similar to my inspiration project from pinterest.

(of course) and then I sketched it out and then painted over it, highlighting select words more than others by making them larger and then painting them in a different color.


It took several paints to go over my not so light sketching, so take it easy with the pencil, it will save you more hassle in the long run! Then once you have it painted, go ahead and add the lights to the back side.

I used push pins to hold the lights into place and wrapped them around around the canvas and through the middle, so its lit up throughout.


Once I got all the lights strung up, It was ready for display! if only I could find a way to hide the cord coming from the plug-in, maybe I can find some battery operated lights, that’d be fantastic, but I think all things considered it turned out pretty well!


Another great way to make this happen is to use a shadow box! use a thicker paper and create your design then paste it right inside the glass and drop the lights inside! You could even take this outside of the holiday season and do a fun chevron pattern or something with the lights behind it or a page with cut outs in it for a light glow, and it will cast cool shapes on the wall! Just some thoughts! Happy crafting!


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